Monday, October 29, 2007

Haz's Monday Night Pick Week 8

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos:

Look for this game to be close start to finished. These teams seem to be evenly matched and the winning team may be decided by who makes the least costly mistakes. Brett Farve got off to an hot start, but has cooled down in the last few weeks. Jay Cutler has improved his play, but the Broncos won all three of their games by last second field goals. Packers win on the road. 24-20.

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Friday, October 26, 2007

Haz's Week 8 Picks

Haz's Stats...

BYES: Cowboys, Seahawks, Cardinals, Falcons, Chiefs, Ravens

Week 8 Games
Panthers @ Colts: Look for the Colts fast and aggressive "D" to overwhelm Testaverde aka "Father Time" and the offense of the Carolina Panthers. Colts win 31-9

Lions @ Bears: This rivalry game will go down to the final gun, but the Lions will present to many problems to the Bears defense which is still banged up. Lions win 20-17.

Steelers @ Bengals: The Steelers own the Bengals, PERIOD!!!! Steelers win 35-17.

Giants @ Dolphins (in London, Welmbly Stadium): The NFL is showcasing the worlds worst football team in at an atempt to gain more fans internationally. TOO BAD... This is a bad idea and it's going to blow up in Roger Gadel's face when the Giants win 38-0.

Eagles @ Vikings: The only reason I picked the Eagles to win is the uninspired play of Tarvaris Jackson and his unfamilar backups Kelly Holcomb & Brooks Bollinger. Eagles win 17-13.

Browns @ Rams: Is this the week when Rams get back on track? NO SIR!!! Browns win 21-16.

Raiders @ Titans: Defensive struggle for sure. Raider win in a upset on the road 9-6.

Bills @ Jets: This game sucks. Bills win 13-10.

Texans @ Chargers: Not sure where the game is going to be played, but it doesn't matter, because the Chargers win big and play inspiredly 34-10.

Jags @ Buccaneers: No Garrad, no chance. Bucs win 20-0.

Redskins @ Patriots: This is an very intriguing matchup which will end in a route. Patriots win 38-14.

Saints @ 49ers: The 49ers are a joke. Sorry Frank Gore, but it's not your time. Saints win 24-12.

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weezy Knows Baseball...!!

After about 7 months of blood, sweat, and tears, the time has finally come for a champion to emerge. Sure, winning their respective leagues was a great accomplishment, but going home without the World Series Championship Trophy makes your season as irrelevant as all of the other teams in baseball. 2nd place is 1st loser, or as Ricky Bobby might say, "If you ain't 1st, you're last." I'm sure we all can relate, when our respective teams make it to the "dance" and don't come home with the goods, who the hell cares about the rest of the season, or that they made it to the "dance," they suck because they didn't win. Maybe my shitty philosophy was bred into me where I grew up, or maybe you agree with me, who knows. The Bo Sox and the Rockies, who will win?

The answer is probably quite obvious, but then again, everyone probably said the same thing when the Marlins faced the Yankees in 2003. Oh, I just forgot, what Marlins pitcher had the greatest affect on that series, Josh Beckett, Marlins pulled off the upset. Well, he's a Red Sox now and he's pitching Game 1, not good news for the Rockies, especially after that long lay-off they had. Talk about jumping into a fire pit, good luck with that Colorado. However, Colorado has a couple of advantages in the series: they are being completely overlooked, almost to a point where it seems as if everyone outside of Colorado is saying the Red Sox might as well go ahead and start playing with themselves, Colorado has "the frozen tundra" of baseball, and they are riding that sick winning streak, 22 games I believe. Do I have to talk about Boston's advantages?

I didn't think so, but who knows, I guess that's why they play them huh? I still got Boston in 5, maybe they'll let it go 6, so they can celebrate in front of their home crowd. I'm sure it'll be about 20 degrees warmer as well. God bless and much love my brothers and sisters.


Haz's NFL FAB 5 Week 8

Here is what I believe is the top 5 elite teams in the National Football League leading up to this weekends games...


Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Haz's AFC Power Rankings Week 8

1. Patriots 7-0
2. Colts 6-0
3. Steelers 4-2
4. Titans 4-2
5. Jaguars 4-2
6. Chiefs 4-3
7. Ravens 4-3
8. Chargers 3-3
9. Browns 3-3
10. Broncos 3-3
11. Texans 3-4
12. Raiders 2-4
13. Bengals 2-4
14. Jets 1-6
15. Dolphins 0-7

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Haz's NFC Power Rankings Week 8

1. Cowboys 6-1
2. Packers 5-1
3. Giants 5-2
4. Redskins 4-2
5. Panthers 4-2
6. Lions 4-2
7. Seahawks 4-3
8. Buccaneers 4-3
9. Cardinals 3-4
10. Bears 3-4
11. Eagles 2-4
12. Saints 2-4
13. 49ers 2-4
14. Falcons 1-6
15. Rams 0-7

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Monday, October 15, 2007


You know, this is supposed to be the time of year when everyone is all fired up about the NFL. The what, what, what? Right now, between college football and the MLB playoffs, which include those pesky pellets of hail called the Colorado Rockies and those 2 monsters lurking in the ALCS in Boston and Cleveland, the last thing going on in my head is the what, what, what. Sure, you'll tell me, college football is on Saturday and baseball is mainly on at late night so what's your point about not watching football? My response to your response is...Where the (bleep) have you been? I could sit here and write so many individual blogs its not even funny, but I have not the time, nor the patience, I wouldn't be able to stay calm just writing about it all.

We will start with yesterday, everyone's marquee match-up was the Pats and the Boys. The final score was no indication of how the actual game was, it was a great game up to the 4th quarter. Who will be able to stop the Pats, circle your calenders for the Indy game, because that's fixing up to be an ol' fashioned slobber knocker. The 2 other stand outs from yesterday were last year's rookie of the year, and barring injury, this year's rookie of the year. Devin Hester and Adrian Peterson went shot for shot yesterday before Minnesota pulled it out with that bomb of a field goal. I would've watched those 2 fly back and forth all day yesterday, but I'm taking Adrian Peterson any day of the week over Devin Hester. I'm not saying Devin Hester isn't the best return man in the history of our game because he is, but Adrian Peterson can run you over, break your ankles, or break one 80 years without being touched, his size and speed is second to none right now. This is early to say, but look out, he quite possibly could be the next "sweetness."

In baseball, the Rockies are one game away from the World Series and who would have thought. This team has won 20 out of their last 21 games, that's unheard of. Maybe a team of destiny? Maybe Eric Byrnes was right, maybe their just "lucky." We we'll find out soon enough. The Tribe goes back to Cleveland with the series tied 1-1 looking to take a 2-1 series lead, maybe a little help from the "Canadian monsters?"

College football, where do I start. Thursday #21 ranked Florida State loses, Friday #16 Hawaii comes back and pulls one out, over a game San Jose State team who lead by 14 early in the 4th Quarter. Then Saturday, after seeing one of the greatest upsets of all time in USC losing, we turn around 1 week later and see the #1 and #2 ranked teams BOTH lose! Are you serious? Each week I pick up the paper and randomly select a top 5 team that's going to lose, this is crazy. The University of South Florida is ranked #2 in the nation, the who is ranked where? So we are down to 3, South Florida, Ohio State, and Boston College. If we look at the remaining schedules for these 3 teams... you know what, it doesn't even matter, the way college football is playing out this year, a high school team might jump up into the schedule somehow and beat 'em. Would you be surprised? At this point I don't think I would be either!!! Someone with one loss is winning the national title this year, my money is still on LSU.

Tonight's game, Byron and the boys are going to jump up and bite the sleeping Giants. Falcons in an upset 27-21. Plus I finally watched "We are Marshall" and I'm all fired up for Byron, that's how I know he'll win. God bless and much my brothers and sisters!


Aroun the World..NBA Preview


"Bron-Bron" might have wore a New York Yankees cap at a Cleveland Indians game but I'm sure the Cleveland faithful will give him a free pass if he can get the Cavs back to the Finals this season. It will be a tough task though. The Cavs really didn't add any star power this off-season and decided their core squad from last season will do. Some, Like I, think that is a mistake because it was pretty clear how the Spurs man-handled them in the 2007 NBA Finals. Lebron cannot and doesn't want to do it alone, unlike Kobe. Point guard Daniel "Booby" Gibson has to show that he will be effective all season and his playoff performances were not "flooks". Big Z is aging and every year it shows, so Power Forward Drew Gooden has to play bigger role this season. Larry Hughes needs to flat out earn his paycheck this season...that's it. Bench play for the Cavs is solid and needs to stay consistent to go back to the Finals and repeat as Eastern Conference Champs.

Arguably the best TEAM in basketball over the last 3-4 years, the Detroit pistons are always contenders in the East. Led by floor General Chauncey Billups, the Pistons have the most complete starting five in the NBA. RASHEED WALLACE!!!! is the glue that keeps this team together, with his grit and energy (always looks as if he has warrants out for his arrest) he is flat out un-guardable. They showed that life could go on with out Big Ben (Ben Wallace) and had center by committee with veterans Antonio McDyess and Nazr Mohammed. It will a tough task to stop the one-two punch of Richard Hamilton AKA Reggie Miller Jr. and Tayshaun Prince, the combo last season combined to average over 34-points a game. Rock City is hungry and ready for a second NBA championship in four years.

With the possibility of Kobe Bryant ending up in Chicago, Bulls fans hope for a mediocre season. Unless they like the array of young talent on this years roster. GM John Paxon would be a fool not to get Kobe but maybe a bigger fool to break the NBA best crop of young talent. If the Bulls can show the promise they did last season when they knocked off the Heat in they first round of last years playoffs, then the bulls will probably move on without Kobe. Points are not at a premium with "Ballers" Ben Gordon, Kurt Hinrich, and Luol Deng. "Big" Ben Wallace is allowed to wear his headband this season and won't look depressed out on the court anymore. Forwards Tyrus Thomas and Andres Nocioni are vital parts in the teams chemistry as well as back-up guard Chris Duhon AKA Special Teams Captain. Maybe the Bulls get off the hump this season and become true contenders for an Eastern Conference Championships.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Around The World..NBA Preview


Milwaukee Bucks first round pick Yi Jilian almost held out all off-season because he wanted to be on a team in a bigger and better city. Well maybe Milwaukee should have granted him that wish. What was believd as maybe the next Asian born basketball prodigy, Yi Jilian has turned into a difficult project. Great gaurd play from point Mo williams and rifle-man Michael Redd will carry the Bucks for but so long. They need productive bench play from forwards Desmond Mason and Charlie bell and need their bigs Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva, AKA Mr. Albino, to be consistent all season.

Who knows if All-Star forward Jermaine O'Neal is still happy in Indiana, but what we do know is he isn't a Laker or a Celtic...he is still a Pacer. With his name in numerous trade talks this past off-season Jermaine has to try and stay healthy and focused for Indy to be successful this year. The point gaurd position will be a crucial peice to this puzzle because there is no real noteable backup to often injured (and sometimes looks drunk on the court) Jammal Tinsley. The Pacers seem young and talented at the forward posititon with Danny Granger but needs sometype of ressurection to Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy's careers. Jeff Foster and David Harrison will be the only consistancy in the middle.


Phillies Fans

Hey Phillies fans I was online today looking into the sports world and seen they are going to chase pitching talent. Then I looked at the names to only realize both of them are on their way down. Give the management credit when it is do both will most likely be in the baseball hall of fame when all is said and done but Im iffy on the situation. The two names are Curt Schilling who all should know and Mariano Rivera.Most would love to have both guys next year but at the same time the team is pretty young and these two are only a temperary fix. Gotta love the two but get someone else that will make a difference for the next 4 or 5 years.

Ray with Mike and Company

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weezy Notes

The "fall classic" is now down to 4 teams. There wasn't too much excitement in the Divisional Series', everyone but the Yankees got swept. In our NL Championship series, we have 2 low market teams fighting for the right to represent their respective league in the World Series. Personally, some might feel that it's good for baseball to see teams with such low markets in the World Series, I don't. Luckily, you have 2 monsters going at it in the AL Championship Series. The Sox and The Tribe, this is going to be one hell of a series. I really hope this series goes 6 or 7 games, after all that's the only series everyone is going to be watching. However, it is baseball and anything can happen in October so I guess we'll sit around watch.

What a MNF game last night! Holy Ish, how incredible, how can you not feel bad for the Bills? The CowBOYS, hence the word BOYS, better man up real quick because Moss and the Fella's are coming to DESTROY that secondary. As far as Buffalo, they just have to keep chomping at the bit. Terrance McGee is a man child, not only did he put TO on lock last night, he took that kick back 103 yards... psycho sick. Oh, and I loved Buffalo's uni's too, am I the only one? Another thing, last night's game brought me back to the late 90's, good ol' Therman and Jim, Don Beebe, big Bruce Smith, Cornelius Bennett, and I couldn't forget Andre! I wish I was young again. God Bless and much love.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Weezy's Re-cap

Sunday's NFL action really didn't bring about any surprises, New England and the Colts both remain undefeated, wow, what a shock! Green Bay lost it's first game to a Chicago team that looks like it may have found it's defense, well at least in the 2nd half it looked like they did. Arizona looks to have lost Matt Leinart for who knows how long, I don't think the Cards care either, they weren't playing him the whole time when he was healthy anyways. New Orleans remained win-less, a bit of a surprise, along with St. Louis and Miami. Speaking of Miami, what a horrific scene it was to see Trent Green being hauled off the field on a stretcher for the 2nd year in a row. Let's just pray for him and his family, that he has a decent recovery; he had a decent career and I'm sure he'll be missed by many.

It's about time San Diego found the end zone, what is going on over there? Norv Turner has the best football player on the planet and he's stinking up the league with his terrible coaching, "uhhh", somebody get me Marty Schottenheimer on the phone. Oh, and tonight's game is said to be a joke, that the Cowboys will run away with this game, but wait just one minute. I got a feeling, because I smell something, oh wait that's just dinner my bad, and I'm hungry as you know what. Just for fun though, I'm taking the Bills, you want to know why, because their circling the wagons brother (and sister).

College Football this year has been beyond incredible. Quite possibly the biggest upset in collegiate sports took place on Saturday when Stanford, a team who not only posted a 1-11 record last year, was also a 41 point underdog, beat one of the greatest college football dynasties of all time in USC. If you would've called me up and told me that was going to happen, I would've said to you if that happens you can tie me to a tree and kick me in the nuts. What man in their right mind would say something like that? Exactly, NONE, but that's the point I'm trying to make. You'd say something like that to be silly, because that's something all of us are sure would never happen. Stanford over USC, part of me still doesn't believe it.

Then you have Florida and LSU, putting on a show for us. LSU might be the funnest team in college football to watch. It's not bad enough the #2 ranked team in the nation lost, Wisconsin, the #5 ranked team in the land, also lost to Illinois. #8 Kentucky was up ended by the 'Ol Ball Coach's boys, #11 ranked South Carolina, to end their undefeated season. #6 South Florida, WHO? What a story they are, and #7 Boston College remain undefeated. It looks as if we may not have an undefeated Champion this year in college Football, just throwing that one out there.

The Rockies sent the Phils packing with their cute little NL East T-Shirts and Hats, the Diamondbacks did same with the Cubs. What a boring NLCS, who wants to watch those teams, honestly? Tonight, Cleveland will try and leave the Bronx without the Yankees. I think the Yankees don't want to go back to Cleveland because of those insects. Did you see those things? I felt like I was watching celebrity fear factor, they were gross! Good luck if they have to go back for game 5, I think the Tribe will do all that it can to end it tonight. Oh, by the way, has that ball Manny Ramirez hit the other night, his walk off home run, did that land yet? What a bomb!! God Bless and much love to all.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Week 5 Picks

Baseball is in full stride this week where the Rockies had to play a must win game just to get in and now possibly sweeping the Phillies. Manny walks off to put the Red Sox up 2-0. Lebron wearing a NY hat to a Cleveland game then NY loses two in a row. Maybe he should have just worn the Indians hat and had his Yankees go up 2-0 and he would have had the best of both worlds. The Diamondbacks are driving Lou Pinella crazy once again with a commanding two games to none lead over the Cubs but now its almost Sunday and we need to get into NFL mode and here is my week 5 picks.

Miami @ Houston
The Dolphins look like they should have kept Duante Clupepper and Im sure the fans are saying the same. They go to 0-5 with another loss to the Texans with Matt Schaub helping his team bounce back from the upset of last week. Texans win 21-10

Jacksonville @ Kansas City
I dont think the Chiefs have what it takes this year and Im not so sure Larry Johnson is running with a passion either. The combo of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew handle most of the load for Jacksonville and lead the Jags to a victory. Jacksonville wins by two TDs 31-17

Cleveland @ New England
Tom Brady is having a season that is second to none. He is a shoe in for MVP so far this year for me and he has this offense marching up and down the field with ease. If Baltimore put up over 400 yards of offense Cleveland better get ready cause with the weapons the Patriots have its gonna be a long day. Patriots win 41-14

Carolina @ New Orleans
Keyshawn Johnson looks like he was 100% right when he told Dwayne Jarrett to stay at USC and not to go pro cause he wasnt ready now Jarrett is inactive for the 3rd game this year. This game should get the Saints going in the right direction especially after the bye week. Saints win at home 17-13

New York Jets @ New York Giants
Michael Strahan might be teammates with the player that will break his single season sack record. Osi Umenyiora had a half dozen sacks in one game that is amazing but lets see how he follows it up. Giants have been coming on in the past couple of weeks and will continue to look good winning this game. Giants win 24-14

Seattle @ Pittsburgh
Now is when you will see how good of a coach Mike Tomlin really is. Coming off the loss to Arizona to play a Seattle team that is also 3-1 will be a real test. I think he will have this Steelers team well prepared and get off the field with another victory and show he is the real deal like all of the former Pittsburgh coaches were. Steelers win 21-16

Arizona @ St. Louis
The dynamic duo of Matt and Kurt. No it dont sound right but it is working and it has the Cardinals at 2-2 and I believe with all of the offensive injuries the Rams have they will soon be 3-2. Cardinals win 27-6

Detroit @ Washington
Washington had an extra week to prepare for the Lions but this early in the season I dont think that matters to much. Detroit is playing some pretty good football against the not so great teams and this could be a good test for them. I think they continue to look strong this week and beat the Redskins. Lions win 21-17

Atlanta @ Tennessee
With the Titans and QB Vince Young I am not able to bet against him. He is just a winner and thats why I choose the Titans. Titans 21-10

Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis
In this game I think it will be to much of Peyton to all of his weapons. Tampa needs to get their backups at running back to carry quite a load which I dont believe they can do. Colts win 34-17.

San Diego @ Denver
San Diego gets off to a good start and holds off the Broncos. Chargers win 24-13. LT rushes for 150+.

Baltimore @ San Francisco
Baltimore gets there offense to control a little bit more of the clock and the Defense to stay fresh. Ravens win 17-10.

Chicago @ Green Bay
I still dont believe all the hype of the Packers and thats why I believe the Bears stun the 4-0 Pack at home. 20-17 Possibly a last second field goal.

Dallas @ Buffalo
T.O. in the spot light and all of the weapons on Dallas' Offense expect a big game I might even expect a blowout. Dallas 35-13

Ray Weed

Friday, October 5, 2007



KG (Kevin Garnett) is by far the biggest piece to Head coach Doc River's new puzzle, no question. The question is where do the other pieces fit?...Sometimes disgruntled, swing-man Paul Peirce is going to have to adapt to his new TEAM (something he hasn't had since "Cyber Twan"-Antoine Walker left). Ray Allen, A.K.A Mr. He Got Game, A.K.A. Jesus Shuttlesworth, can put it up with the best of them.

Well since there is only one ball to go around during a game the Celtics are faced with a dilema. Who's going to get "The Big Three" the rock?...The Celts gave up last seasons floor general Delonte West in a package deal to the Seattle Supersonics. So now, they have a committee of young guards they will groom to be mainly distributing point guards. Incumbent PG Rajon Rando seems to fit the role the best but will get a little competition from rookie Gabe Pruitt out of USC.

Superstar Vince Carter re-signed with the team instead of heading south to Orlando...Magic got forward Rashard Lewis cheaper...Point guard Jason Kidd is back for another season and seems revitalized after a stellar performance in the FIBA international tourney. Mr. inconsistent A.K.A. Richard Jefferson will try and stay healthy and on the floor this season pending his isn't already sharing minutes with up and coming forward Antoine Wright.

The one spot the Nets continue to have trouble in, is in the middle at the Center position. They made due when they had Kenyon Martin at the power forward position years ago but since he left to Denver the void in the paint has been obvious. For awhile center Nenad Kristic looked like the answer but he suffered a season ending leg injury last year and it's hard to come back from that type of injury and have an immediate impact. The bench production has to be a lot better for the Nets to contend in the division none-the-less the conference


NBA Continued....


A whole season without Allen Iverson...hey whats the worst that could happen? The Sixers have been flirting with contention since they lost the reign of being contenders, when they let the Lakers win 4-straight games to win the NBA Finals back in 2001. With no true star power the sixers are putting a lot of pressure on the young shoulders of guard Andre Igoudala. Point guard Andre Miller will have a whole training camp to get familiar with his teammates and them to him. He could play an intricate part to the Sixers making some noise this season.

Sixers are crowded at a couple positions and used this past NBA draft to add some size on their front line. Rookie of the year CONTENDER (R.O.Y.= Kevin Durant) Thaddeus young will join Rodney Carney and Kyle Korver at the small forward, while Samuel Dalembert anchors the middle. They acquired power forward Reggie Evans this off-season to improve rebounding and energy. Guard Willie Green A.K.A. Mr. Buckets will be the primary bench production for the Sixers .

Marbury wants to finish his basketball career in Italy when his contract is up, Head Coach Isiah Thomas is in question about his commitment to the team, but there is no question in his commitment to Madison Square Garden employees, and big guys Eddie Curry and Zac Randolph have to find away to coexist...because both of them can't eat the up all the buffet's on the road.

All jokes aside the knicks are one of the most talented teams in the East, believe it or not. It's mostly young talent but if Isiah can get a true rotation and pile up his bench with some guards, instead of starting 3 or 4 guards every game, they could scare some teams with their depth. Outside shooting has been a problem for the Knicks and still hasn't been addressed.

Last year's sleeper in the East will try and prove to NBA critics that they are "fo-real" and make back to back playoff visits. All-Star Forward Chris Bosh has to be the "Beast" he know he can be this season. Point guard T.J. Ford has to stay consistent and play at a high level all season. He needs to make sure role players Andre Bargnani, Anthony Parker, and newly acquired sharp shooter Jason Kapono play their roles.

Bench play is crucial for the Raps. It was evident last season during their playoff series with the Nets, they were not talented at certain positions on the bench. With no true big man once again Toronto has to turn to Rasho Nesterovic to fill the paint, good luck.


Thursday, October 4, 2007


Well, the official 2007 MLB Playoffs started off last night, with the Rockies, Angles, Diamondbacks, and Sawks (for all you Boston natives) all coming out victorious. Most experts say winning the first game of a 5 game set is huge, I disagree, However; when you do it on the road that's HUGE. All 4 games were relatively low scoring games, which was a bit of a surprise personally, but there's a lot of baseball left to be played. Then again those low scores are probably a result of each team starting their ace, that would make some sense.

I have one question, has there ever been a pitcher called Mr. October (leave Ruth out of this)? I ask that because Josh Beckett pitched his 5th play-off shut out last night, 5th. This man is on the verge of being invincible in the post-season. He was filthy, disgusting, grossly, NASTY. I'm not even sure if that's a sentence, but that's my point, in the post season, I don't know if Josh Beckett is a human. What he was throwing last night should be outlawed and if he continues to pitch like that, Red Sox fans you better start camping outside of Fenway right now, because you'll definitely be in the World Series.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Lou Pinella I respect you with all of my heart, but didn't you see what happened to the Padres when they held back their ace for another game? Why you pulled Victor at 75 pitches is beyond all of us, but are you really trying to sell the media on "you trust your bullpen?" You're an idiot, excellent job. Let's save him for another game later in the series when you we're fighting to stay alive. Instead of letting him finishing game 1, getting the win, and taking things from there.

If the Phillies first 4 batters continue to go 0-38, with 29 K's, (exaggeration), they'll find themselves in the playoffs the same amount of time they found themselves in first place in the NL East.

Tonight 2 other teams start their bid for the Championship. The Cleveland Indians, the tribe, enter the playoffs not only enter the playoffs with the best record in baseball, but with a very solid pitching staff, and a line-up full up top notch sluggers. The other sticks it's long ugly nose into the playoff race (oh, sorry I was just talking about Joe Torre), with a solid all around team as well, it should be interesting. Enjoy all the action. God bless and much love my brothers and sisters.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It's that time of year again, when football takes the backseat for about 2 weeks. Please do not misinterpret me, I am a die hard football fan, but it's October. You begin to shiver a little bit more (I attribute that to our emotional reaction for the upcoming intensity of "THE" sports time of the year), others say it's because of the weather; leaves cover the ground, and like I said, a cornucopia of sports becomes available. As for now however, when you say 'October' I think baseball. 8 teams competing for the best looking trophy in sports, with one team only 11 wins away from becoming the World Champions.

It doesn't get anymore exciting than this, for some reason baseball possess an aura around this time of year. Is it because of all the legends the game has produced? Every sport has produced legends right, but baseball has something special about it. It's not the Super Bowl I know, but in all honesty how special does the Super Bowl feel when you are watching it? We all love those hilarious commercials right, but if there were no hilarious commercials and glamorous concerts, would you watch the Super Bowl? Probably, but I shouldn't have to say probably, it should be a non-hesitant yes.

You might not have watched a lick of baseball all year; but we all find ourselves watching the fall classic, a game with not even 3/4's of the glamour of the Super Bowl. So let's get ready baby (not to steal from one of my idols Dick Vitale); clean the house, call a babysitter, send the women somewheres (no offense ladies), order some pizzas, get out your gear, call over the boys, get ready to get drunk, and you better tell the neighbors it's going to be a long couple of weeks, because it's October brother, America's pastime is in her finest hour . God bless all and much love my brothers and sisters.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

NBA Check-in


Who wins the West?...Spurs look great but "Timmy" is getting older, Suns are battling with Amare's Knees and Marion's crying, but still have Nash dribbling in circles...T-Mac or Dirk?...Both appeared to be FRAUDS last season. Rockets add Stevie Franchise and Mavs added some "D" by acquiring Trenton Hassell. Doubt if either will get them over the hump.

Sleeper Picks...Jazz were able to tame the warriors last season in the playoffs but wasn't able to retain Derek Fisher. Deron Williams and Boozer won't miss AK-47 (Andre Kirilenko) if he is traded...Warriors are still hung-over from "trashing the Mavs", but B-Diddy (Baron Davis) and Stephen Jackson are "Ballers" for real...Iverson and Anthony are in their first full season and should make some noise. Kenyon Martin can't possibly hurt another only have two knees Kenyon...The Lake Show is trying to mend fences with Kobe and he is trying to mend with the players. L.A. is nothing without drama but the Lakers were 29-13 before injuries started to deplete their record.

Basement Dwellers...T'Wolves, Sonics, Blazers, Clippers, Kings, and Grizzs' are all out buying pampers for their "youngins". Wolves have no hope with-out KG (Kevin Garnett), Sonics do have Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant, but gave up to much to get him, Blazers...Oden...enough said, Clippers, Kings, and Grizz's go play a scratch off and guest your pick for next years draft.


NBA Check-in


Who wins the East this year?...The new and improved Celtics, The always gritty Pistons, or Can Bron-Bron take the same Cavs' team back to the finals?...Look for Big Ben and the Bulls to make a good run for an Eastern Conference crown, D-Wade is coming off shoulder Surgery and Shaq is being held together with duck tape so the Heat maybe have a chance. The young and surging Magic and Raptors can make some more noise this year and advance past the first round of the playoffs.

Sleeper picks...the Nets are solid, but old, at every position and they get back big guy Nenad Krisrtic, who was lost for all of last season. Hibachi (Gilbert Arenas) is in a contract year for the Wizards and he might drop more "buckets" then wins...Gil stop worrying about Kobe. Chris Paul is the hottest young point guard in the league but he needs help and the Hornets did nothing this off-season. The Bucks are BIG but still lack GREAT guard play, look for them to ease in and out all season.

Basement Dwellers...Sixers, Hawks, Knicks, Bobcats, and Pacers have OUTSIDE shots to play with the big boys in the off-season but have a better chance in winning the Lottery...Literally


Monday, October 1, 2007

WOW Factor!

There isn't to many ways to explain this past weekend in sports. The only word that fits is...WOW!!... It goes from College Football upsets to Major League surprises in Baseball. What more could a sports fan ask for from a weekend...maybe some NBA action.

It started Friday night with a mini-upset in college Football. Then #5 ranked West Virgina took on conference foe #18 South Florida. Now USF beat WVU last season so to some this 21-13 victory by the Bulls of South Florida was expected. The game itself lived up to the hyped it got the week leading up it.

Saturday was a benchmark in the history of collegiate sports. Nine of the AP Top 25 and five of the Top 10 were losers this past weekend. WOW!!....It was pretty exciting to watch these pampered scholarship athletes lose to not so pampered scholarship athletes. In all, College football is a great Pre-Game to a action packed Sunday.

The nations favorite past time gave us a reason to actually watch and ENJOY baseball. The fact that only four teams from each Conference makes the end of a Baseball season more exciting then watching paint dry. The world was able to witness the demise of the Mets and the birth of the Phillies. The Phillies came back from 7 games down in the middle of September to pass the Mets and win the NL East. The Colorado Rockies won 13 of their last 14 games to force a one game playoff against the San Diego Padres..WOW!..MLB fans get ready for Playoff Excitement.

NFL Sunday by far is the most anticipated day of the week and this Sunday was not a disappointment. The Eagles are still looking for an Identity, The Steelers lose to Cardinals and former coach Ken Whisenhunt, Chargers fall to division rival Chiefs, New Browns spank old Browns (Ravens), Bears sit QB Rex Grossman but have same result with a loss to the 3-1 Lions, Falcons surprise old QB Matt Schaub and the Texans, Jets lose to a rookie QB Trent Edwards and the Bills, and 'DA RAIDERSSS!!! and Culpepper show the Phins' who runs Miami by gaining almost 300-yards on the ground.....This sports weekend gets a WOW!!!!


Mike's Monday Night Pick

New England Vs. Cincinnati

Pats and Bengals should definitely wet the taste buds of all Football fans. Two high powered offenses should lead to a lot of points...or maybe for the "Bungals" a lot of turnovers. Pats sleepwalk to a victory...27-9

Mike's Picks: 2-1

Haz's Monday Night Pick

Patriots @ Bengals

The Patriots are a well oiled machine and I don't see them slowing down for one second. The Bengals are weak on the defensive side of the ball and will not be able to contain Tom Brady and the New England Patriots' offensive attack....Patriots win 38-14.

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider