Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Heat is on...Charlie Murphy style!


 Blog by Mike McClendon

Don't Hurt'em

The Chi-town Stylistics are lacking a few backup singers while their lead man D. Rose is suffering from the bumming it up bug. The Bulls are probably one of the few teams that can match up defensively pretty well against the Miami Heat but the only problem is they can't score buckets against the Miami Heat. In game 1 of the East Finals the Bulls looked unstoppable and had the momentum and energy. Game 2 and 3 showed that it was just a facade, or was it? Miami has owned the Bulls on the boards and are shooting better percentage wise them the bulls from behind the arc and in the paint. The Bulls rely heavily on the their MVP Derrick Rose, rightfully so, but he can't beat them by himself. Allen Iverson proved that being a small guard and the best player on the floor for you team is not enough to get it done. They spent $85 Million on Booze, who spends that type of money on alcohol? I'm just saying. Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah are getting @#$%^ slapped Rick James style on Charlie Murphy by Christopher Bosh, where they do that at? I give much credit to the Dukes of Hazards Mr. James and D. Wade though, they have brought their A games in game 2 and 3. Mr. James showed his "clutchness" in Game 2 and Wade sparked two different runs in game 3 to keep the Heat on top. I mean all in all the series is definitely in the Heats favor but it can all be turned around if the Bulls can steal game 4 and go back to Chicago tied in the series. If Eddie Cane can get clean off Dope and sing "Nights like This..I wish..Raindrops will fall all all all" Then the Bulls can get there act together and take their show back home. Just Saying!

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