Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Finals... 3 Games Down... How Many More to Go?

D-Wade has definitely put his stamp on this years NBA Finals, much like he did in 2006.  This time around he has another superstar in his prime along-side him to ease some of the pressure off him.  D-Wade is the Heat's captain, he is their leader & he is not bashful about it.  D-Wade the last few days has been letting the world know that he is the "Alpha-Male" of the pack.  D-Wade even got in "King" James' face late in game 3 & told him "what's up?"  Like Wade said in game 3, he's been there before & if he keeps playing like he has in the first 3 games, there is nothing Dirk & the Mavs can't do anything about it.  Look for Dwayne Wade to win MVP honors as the Heat end the NBA season in South Beach with the Larry O'Brien Trophy presentation.  Miami wins in 6 games

Blog by Haz Bey

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