Monday, December 19, 2011

Brady, Patriots... Business As Usual

Tom Brady to Tim Tebow... "I'll show you how to do this son!"
Blog by Haz Bey
Tom Brady did what he normally does and that's win football games at an elite level.  All Tim Tebow could do was watch how "Jedi Master" Tom Brady picked apart the Broncos defense effortlessly.  The 3-time champ threw for 320 yards on 23 of 34 passes with 2 touchdown passes.  Tom also ran for 2 scores as the New England defense made the necessary adjustments to the Broncos run game and basically played lights-out from the 2nd quarter on.

Tim Tebow played one of his better games of the season leading the Denver Broncos to 23 points, but as expected, there was no way that Tim Tebow would be able to out-duel Tom Brady at this stage of his career.  Tim has done so much his last 9 starts, but he has a long way to go to reach the level of Brady's.  Tebow is going to have to learn to get the ball out quicker instead of holding the football to hit the home run play.  With a full off season, Tim Tebow should be able to correct that problem moving forward and then he will be even more dangerous than he is now.

With yesterday's win in Denver, the Patriots are in better position to grab the number 1 seed in the AFC with Baltimore and Houston losing their games on Sunday.  Pittsburgh has an opportunity to keep up, but with a bruised and battered Ben Roethlisberger, their is no guarantee that the Steelers will come up with the win in San Francisco tonight on Monday Night Football.  Tom Brady looks ready for the Patriots first deep playoff run since 2007 season and as long as the Patriots defense holds up their end, there might be no team in the league that may be able to stop him.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Haz Bey
Tim Tebow is a 1 of a kind athlete.  I can not explain why he is able to perform the way he does after being ineffective throughout most of a football game.  I just can't and I am not going to try to.  Tim Tebow is a winner and I want to see how far he and the Denver Broncos will go.  Teams that play him must do what the Detroit Lions did when they met Tim Tebow 7 weeks ago and that is to blow the Broncos out.  Just flat out beat them to a pulp.  This way there is now way Tim Tebow can work his magic in the 4th quarter aka "Tebow Time". 

Tim Tebow is as selfless as they come as a teammate.  Never wanting the glory for himself and always making sure the media recognizes his teammates contributions as well.  Remember when Charles Barkley said "I'm am not a role model".  Well that does not apply to Mr.Tebow.  He is someone all parents should model their child after when it comes to molding them through competitive sports.  A complete class act in my eyes and I can not wait until he faces Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this upcoming Sunday.  It will truly be must see t.v.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011