Friday, May 6, 2011

The Memphis Beat or ATL Stomp!

Josh Smith needs a big game
The Atlanta Hawks are one of a few surprises thus far in this years playoffs. Not only did they knock off Superman and his Marvel vs. Capcom team in the Orlando Magic, they are now in a real series with the MVP led Chicago Bulls. The night D. Rose received his award was game two, a game that was in Chicago and "EXPERTS" thought Chicago would be going for their second win in the series to take a 2-0 lead in the series but instead they were trying to get there first win of the series and tie it at 1-1
Jo Jo Dancer

The Hawks failed to be the Mavericks of the East and beat Chicago twice in a row in Chicago but still did what most teams want to do and that is get a split. Now going back to the ATL is going to be a great homecoming for them because not only are they tied in the series they have a chance to win both games at home and take a 3-1 lead in the series. Highly unlikely though, especially if they can't get the tough defensive guard and former Bull Kirk Hinrich back from injury. D. Rose hasn't been putting up stellar numbers but I'd be damned if you think Jamal Crawford or George Teague can guard him the rest of the series. I have to call it like I see it and say the Bulls pull it out and win the series. But, in the famous words of college football analyst Lee Corso, "It will be closer than the "EXPERTS" think"

Allen is playing great "D"
The biggest suprise in the playoffs right now is the Memphis grizzles. The 8th seeded Memphis grizzles. This isn't your dads grizzles with, Michal Dickerson, Bryant "Big Country" Reeves, Mike Bibby, Shareef Adur-Rahim, Lawrence Moten, yes he played there too. That team was also in Vancouver so you get the point. The "Grizz" knocked off the top seed overall in the San Antonio Spurs and did it in convincing fashion. Now the tall test ahead of them is the flashy, flamboyant, and maybe a little arrogant OKC thunder. Led by Kevin "Durantula" and Russell "arms are not brook let me shoot" Westbrook, the Thunder are a clear cut favorite in this matchup. But again to quote my man Corso, "Not so fast my Friend". The Grizz stole game 1 in OKC with a huge inside presemce from Zach "where the hell has your game been" Randolph and Marc "I am not my brothers keeper Gasol". Just like most people thought the Lakers would do after losing game 1 at home the Thunder showed there bottoms and beat the pants off the Grizz in game 2.

Hold the Mayo add the Juice
Confidence plays a huge part in Memphis success but it could be their downfall as well. ZeBo aka Zach Randolph opened his Jabroni eating pie hole after the game 1 win and told the world Thunder Center Kendrick Perkins can't guard him nor can anybody else. That's what losers say ZeBo when they are not use to winning. "SheesH" I have to admit though I really feel if they can split game again in Memphis or if the Grizz can when both home games they have a great shot of another upset. Also Russell "I cant feel my shoulders from all this shooting" Westbrook could be a deciding factor in the series. If he continues to take bad shots and turn it over then OKC will have to put everything on KD and that could be too much for him.

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