Monday, September 28, 2009


Braylon Edwards, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, Brandon Marshall, and Anquan Boldin, all of these pass catchers made press this off-season for various reasons but none are really stepping up to the plate NUMBERS wise. Chad got a couple of victories and B-Marshall is 3-0, but what have they done to warrant a new contract or trade to another team, these were the demands made this off-season. With the likes of Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, and rising star Vincent Jackson those Diva like Wide-outs, named earlier, will be out of the press and for T.O. sake maybe out of the league.

Ok so Anquan hasn't really said much since the season started but he is in my opinion bringing the Cardinals offense down a bit because there is no reason to not double Fitzy. B-Marshall has a case of the "Drips" and hasn't had a productive game yet, I know its early but it doesn't look good. Braylon has a QB issue so I'm going to cut him some slack, plus he is a Michigan boy. Ocho has a decent set of numbers but not high profile type numbers like Moss or Andre Johnson.

Terrell Owens was catch-less this pass sunday for the first time since 96', not surprised. He runs terrible Terrell routes and has a permeant case of the "Drips". His QB is not yet a proven NFL starting QB and is young, so dealing with a "WOMAN" like T.O. is probably like dealing with his college girlfriend.

At the end of the day, Produce, Produce, PRODUCE!!!!..if you can't do that shut-up!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fats Fab 5 Teams

1. New York Jets- With an emotional win over the Pats last week the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets might have a let down this sunday against the Titans who are in desperate need of their first victory. Coach Ryan is coaching the boys up and the Defense is allowing rookie QB Marc Sanchez grow slowly.

2. Baltimore Ravens- Strong running game and probably the defense in the NFL will keep the Ravens in the mix. Keep Flacco off the turf and they will be in the same spot they were in last season. This time maybe playing in the Bowl.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- The first of my one lost teams in the fab 5. They had a lack luster performance against DA Bears, but will bounce back. When Polomalu returns all will come back to order for the defending Champs.

4. New England Patriots- A too close to call victory against the Bills and a tough loss to the Jets doesn't mean much in Week 3 of the NFL season. Pimp Tom Brady will be back to form once he gets his legs back and his WR's get healthy.

5. New York Giants- Eli is making the paper and on paper the G-MEN are looking good. The defense is banged up but still super bowl form. Only NFC team in the Fab 5 because after two weeks of football they are the only real NFC contenders right now.

Fats AFC Power Rankings

AFC Power Rankings

1. Ravens 2-0

2. Jets 2-0

3. Colts 2-0

4. Steelers 1-1

5. Patriots 1-1

6. Broncos 2-0

7. Chargers 1-1

8. Texans 1-1

9. Raiders 1-1

10. Bengals 1-1

11. Bills 1-1

12.Titans 0-2

13. Dolphins 0-2

14. Jaguars 0-2

15. Cheifs 0-2

16. Browns 0-2

Friday, September 25, 2009

Haz Diesel's NFL Elite Fab 5... Week 3

My opinion on who is the NFL's best teams going into Week 3...

1. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - Anytime a team can average 46.5 ppg in their 1st 2 games to start the season, deserves to be the "Top Dog" of the best.

2. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - As long as Peyton is running the show, if there is time left on the clock, this team will find ways to win.

3. BALTIMORE RAVENS - For the 1st time since the franchise has been in Baltimore, "The Original Browns" might have a potent offense to that can not only sustain drives, but with Flacco behind the helm, produce big plays. This team is scary.

4. NEW YORK GIANTS - Eli is playing big time football, the defense is playing OK, but not up to the expectations of most. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for the fact that they went 2-0 in the NFC East to start the season. Getting wins in that division are definitely hard to come by.

5. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - "AP", "Old Man Bret" & a suffocating defense. What more can I say. If this team can stay healthy they will be in the NFC Championship Game.


Haz Diesel's Week 3 NFC Power Rankings

*Note to reader* These rankings are based from the opinion of Haz Diesel & Haz Diesel only... Feel free to beg to differ... Enjoy...

Week 3's NFC Power Rankings

1. Saints

2. Giants

3. Vikings

4. Falcons

5. 49ers

6. Bears

7. Cowboys

8. Eagles

9. Cardinals

10. Packers

11. Seahawks

12. Redskins

13. Buccaneers

14. Panthers

15. Rams

16. Lions

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Not a fan of any of the Jersey pro squads but i do feel Jersey is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to pro sports. Giants and Jets play in New Jersey but since a decade or more ago they both don the title New York. No pro baseball team, a hockey team that is not a true main attraction, and the Nets are in northern NJ. This leaves all of south jersey to root for Philly teams because they are closer to Philadelphia than NY.

Now the only pro NBA team in NJ want to move to Brooklyn and build a state of the art Arena. There is all kind of facts and figures that says this makes sense but im opposed to the move. Outside of a Knicks vs. Nets rivalry, (Lame one at that), what good does a team in Brooklyn do for the league. Unless they get the new Russian owner to bank roll LeBron James and his entourage, then like Jay-Z says Brooklyn we go hard!

This move won't  give rapper Jay-Z more to rap about because he is truly and literally a minority owner. This move only works because of the deal made with Russian Millionare to buy 81percent of the franchise and foot the bill for the move. Can't say the NBA isn't an equal opportunity employer.
I guess NJ will have to continue living in the shadow of NY and that may be forever.

Keep God First

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

America's Team

Last year the wheels fell off of the Dallas Cowboys football team and people blamed the team's troublemakers as the reasoning behind the debacle. So in the offseason any player on the team with anything more then a traffic violation was given the boot. The team lost in the final game of the season and the last game of Texas stadium with a humiliating loss to the Baltimore Ravens. In came a new season and all of the excuses were off the team and the team opened up with a nice victory.

Next they had the opening of the new stadium with a playoff environment week 2 against division opponent New York Giants. Once again the Cowboys did not play up to their capabilities mostly on the offensive side of the ball. Most of the blame right away was given to Tony Romo and the fact that he cannot play in big games and that he had three interceptions in the game. I am not so sure that the majority of the blame should be anywhere close to the quarterback of this team even though he did play a factor into it cause he was the one throwing some very poor passes but he would be the second or third reason why on my list of reasons the Cowboys played so poorly.

If you look at this team they have three very good running backs, two solid tight ends, a decent receiving core even if Roy Williams is not living anywhere close to the amount JJ gave up to get him in Dallas, and an offensive line that is one of the best running lines in the league. My number one reason the team lost that game is due to offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. If you can gain over 200 yards against any team especially the Giants you don't just go away from running the ball and decide to throw it just because you feel like it. He should have ran the ball until the Giants had 9 men in the box and made them go three and out twice before he got away from running the ball.

This team should have had a two to one time of possession ratio to the Giants and should have only had to throw the ball 15 times in that game and that should have been due to the Giants adjusting to the heavy run. Garrett has one plan in his head and he is a former QB himself so this may be some of the reasoning why he likes to pass the ball so much but he needs to use what he has and that is one hell of a running team. Once he shows this to some teams then maybe he can open up some of his passing attacks and get the ball to some of these receivers. Until then Jerry Jones should really take a look at Jason Garrett instead of everyone else blaming Tony Romo.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ballin' for Rings

With the NBA preseason coming up in a few weeks the main story is the replacement refs. I say damn that because no matter who the refs are the NBA players will still cry for calls and call out officials after games. Now their actions might be validated. But that's not what's on my mine. I want to know if Kobe is still going to be better than Lebron and will the old Vince show up in Orlando?

All kinds of moves made this off-season but none as interesting as the PRINCE of the crossover,(nobody can crossover like Tim Hardaway and I dear you to tell me different) Allen Iverson signing with the Memphis Grizzlies. This to me shows that all AI wants to do is play basketball and put up numbers like he did in Philly. He had chances to sign with contenders but didn't want to come off the bench and be a role player. Sorry AI thats basically what you are now because Philly was the best fit for that type of game.

Paul Pierce is really quiet this off-season. Self-proclaimed greatest player in the league showed without the Big Ticket KG he is what we all knew he was, an average star. If you ask me Mr. He Got Game himself Ray Allen carried Boston in the playoffs, overall. Now with the addition of Mr. I got Warrants Rasheed Wallace the Celtics are a strong contender to knock off the Magic. Yes I said Magic

"LeBrick" James aka Bron Bron is hands down the most gifted player in the NBA but he is not the best player in the league, arguably. The Cavs didn't upgrade the small St. Vincent St. Mary's backcourt so they will have trouble with the Celts and Magic this season. Should be fun to watch the East this year.

Oh almost forgot about the West. Nah I didn't, It's just nothing to talk about until the BK Brawler Ron Artest smacks Kobe in the mouth at practice. Kobe will definitely be inspired by Michael Jordan's HOF induction speech, (anybody who loves basketball should have been inspired) and probably retain his throne on top and the league. Lakers will walk through the West unless the old ass Spurs can stay healthy and Boozer stops asking to be traded from Utah.

Ps...What the hell happen to Stephen A. Smith?? haha

Pound for Pound

Is he the best? Could he have beaten Hagler or Hearns? What about Pernell "sweat pea" Whittaker? Hands down Money May is get his fight on every match but could he have been beaten by some of the greats to fight in the weight classes where he holds titles? No one really knows, kinda how Jordan said he would never call himself the greatest because he never played against Jerry West, Oscars Roberston, and all the legends before him.

But Like MJ wanting to play them all, would Money May really want to fight Joe Louis?....Nah

Thursday, September 17, 2009


With Boxing at a decline only the top fighters are making good money. To be honest I feel a lot of the really good young fighters don't get much publicity or notoriety. But there is one who will always get the cameras rolling.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather has helped the sport of Boxing by more than just winning every fight, he dominates the cameras and reporters. Now with the help of HBO's 24/7 show he talks all the trash he wants and shows how his opponents don't compare, Money wise nor Boxing wise. His opponent this weekend is Juan Manuel Marquez who on the show 24/7 shows a great fighting ability but the show is to promote the fight and no one so far has compared to do that like Mayweather.

The closest anyone has come to competing with Mayweather in the media, not the ring, was Ricky Haddon who sometimes mocked Mayweathers flashy training on the show 24/7. Well, he got his ass kicked.

So maybe others have learned not to mess with Mayweather on the media tip but none will turn down the hefty purse they get for an ass whooping.

I Don't Get It!!

Former Lions first round pick Charles Rogers is an absolute tragedy. This guy was once again arrested, this time for driving while intoxicated, DWI. Now I'm not the smartest man in the world but he was on ESPN a week or so ago, looking high as hell, talking about how he is ready for another shot in the league. This is definitely not going to help him/

Rogers was found on the famous drug riddled 8 mile road in Detroit, Michigan asleep at the wheel in his '03 Mercedes lol.  With the smell of alcohol on his breath he refused to take a breathalyzer and instead was arrested and blood was drawn for sobriety test. Charles they will get you either way haha.

This is just another example of high profile athletes not being able to control the sudden change in lifestyles. In this case it's Rogers is a repeat offender. Get some help man!

Real Talk

The whole Vick thing has gone too far. No doubt about it, America is dog country. I mean the ANIMALS are considered man's best friend.

Now let's get real, before this whole Michael Vick issue, Pitbulls were not considered man's best friend. They are the minorities and woman of the dogs. Treated with lesser value and given less rights for so long. They were considered cruel and malicious animals that are outlawed in many communities. They are vicious animals by nature but no different than a kid who grows knowing nothing better than violence or crime to survive. America treats that human being, minorities, and woman, the same as they do those pitbulls, until... they can use the underlying issue to benefit mainstream America or tear down someone who they have sought after for so long. Mike Vick was never truly accepted by the media or society. 

Regardless of his uncanny athletic ability and skill in one of the toughest positions in sports, he has never been mentioned in the same breath as many of the best quarterbacks in the league although he affects the oppositions game plan just as much if not more than Peyton Manning or Tom Brady with lesser parts.

But, In America we do no harm to animals for pleasure or sport, I thought from hearing all the reports then I thought about my man Barbaro.

Why didn't Barbaro's trainer go to jail for 2 years or lose his multi-million dollar contract after Barbaro had to be put down(killed). But "they say" the horse is born to race, I say the pitbull was born to fight. "They say" the horse would have been in so much pain after racing and having those injuries, that they are putting it out of it's misery, I say "How much pain do you think a dog is in after it fights. Then when you get them real mad, "they say" it's his horse and he can do with it what he pleases" and you know what I say about that!

Is it a racial issue? I think it's a money issue? Horses raise too much money for network television and mainstream society. Mike Vick was doing what most minorities do when they make some money, looking out for his own first. The only people that care for him when everyone else is tearing him down.

I think people who give thousands and millions of Dollars to PETA should go visit the local woman's shelter or any homeless shelter and try to help someone who may help someone else in the future or with a little help could get a job and help our economy.

Not Condoning what happened, Just Some things to think about!

Rick Palmer

Baseball Season?

Baseball season is winding down and as of right now is non existant to most sports fans. American League should just start its playoffs tomorrow instead of people not watching baseball at all for another month. I know Joe Mauer and the Twins are chasing its division rivals for a playoff spot but to be honest which ever one gets in will most likely be taking the winter off after the first round anyway. 

In the NL the division leaders are pretty much a lock and the only real chase is for the wild card spot between the Rockies and the Giants. I believe that the MLB should really consider ending the season a month earlier. Then have a Wildcard Series which the top two teams in the wildcard hunt play each other and attempt to get into the playoffs.

We could be enjoying playoff baseball now while warming up to the football season. Just imagine playoff baseball Bo Sox vs Yankees and Phillies vs Dodgers this week and then your favorite football team this Sunday. Instead its another boring week while I sit and wait for NFL Sunday. Just a thought what is your opinion?

Wake n Bake

So this morning I get a txt from espn alerts saying cornerback Dunta Robinson of Houston Texans was fined 25k for wearing shoes that had the message "Pay Me Rick" on them. Rick Smith is Texans GM.

Wow!! Yes NFL players have the worst contracts in pro sports, but when did acting like a spoil brat stuck in middle school get u paid. I thought Brandon Marshall of the Broncos was a baby lol.
Dunta stop trying to get a sharpie endorsement and focus on not getting beat for 6.
Keep God First

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vince Carter or TMac

Both "superstars" have been anything but that, Tmac hasn't played a full season since he was riding the bench in Toronto..speaking of Toronto that was the last place Vince was Vinsanity!..Check out the poll. Who should retire first?

Judge n Jury

Is it me or does the strong arm of the law forget to use its PEDs (performance enhancing drug) sometimes? Its crazy that we live in a country that has arguably the best justice system by far, but for whatever reason our laws apparently are different when it comes to our pro athletes. Not different in where they are never innocent till proven guilty but different in that some are treated with a slap on the wrist and some a slap in their face.

The phrase says if you do the crime you pay the time but what if the time doesn't match the crime? We all know Michael Vick formally of the Atlanta falcons now with the Philadelphia Eagles serve almost two years in a federal prison for bank rolling a dog fighting "operation". Plaxico Burress former New York Giant is going to prison Sept. 22nd to begin serving a two year term for criminal possession of a weapon. He shot himself in the leg while walking up stairs in a night club..somehow haha. Dante Stallworth of the Cleveland Browns pleaded guilty to DUI MANSLAUGHTER!!!!! this past june and served 24 of a 30 day jail sentence, lost his driving privileges, two year house arrest, and 8 years probation. Can somebody tell me what incident has more legal reprimands because I don't understand the legal process sometimes.

No of these guys made good decisions but Vick fought dogs and had cruel behavior towards them. Plax had a weapon on him for protection other than a bodyguard. Stallworth was high and legally drunk and killed a human being and only served 24 days in jail. Either Vick and Burress need better lawyers or there is something seriously wrong with our justice system. As a nation we pride ourselves on being the best at everything but what happens when we seriously mess up like this?

Sad thing is people want to crucify Vick for playing again and the Eagles for allowing him to but nobody nor the media wants to speak about the unfair situation here. It has to get better or next thing you know baseball players will start pressing charges on each other during bench clearing brawls. Far from happening but close enough to happen.

Keep God First
Mike McClendon

What does philly see in kevin kolb? Nuthin apparently! by Jeff Ward

  Listen! it looks to me like Andy Reid is like a fantasy owner! Or just took over for Jon Gruden as a QB whore! Lets take a small trip back down memory lane. "With the 36th pick in the 2007 draft, the philadelphia eagles select Kevin Kolb from the uninversity of houston." WHY?? At that point they had just released the qb who stepped in for them, went 6-0 or 6-1 and took a dying team to the playoffs!!! Its crazy!! So you release Garcia, you bring this kid in, and say "he is our future" meanwhile, mcnabb is only a 8 year vet!! Go figure! Then, mike vick, becomes available, and they hop on that! hahaha, i sit in the car and listen to fans say rb, wr, sorry guys he is a qb!! Yes he is a freak athlete, but speakin from experience, when u sit out two years it takes a year to get ur timing back! Soooo... ok, he is signed for insurance purposes, maybe trade value down the road. Ok so it makes sense to bring him in. Now at this point you have Mcnabb(starter, all pro vet), Kolb("future" haha), Vick(back up, experiment athlete, former all-pro), and AJ Feeley(career backup shortly after released). Week 1 comes, vick suspended for 3 games, feeley released, u go into the season, with your starter and your future! AWESOME! BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! CRACK!!!!!!! What was that, Donovan Mcnabbs ribs!! And as much as he can try to be a tough guy, if he were smart and in his right mind, he'd sit out till there buccaneers game, the week after the bye, then the raiders after, and be ready for the divisional game against the redskins! makin him hopefully healthy down the home stretch. But guess what?!?! I guarantee he misses maybe one week, or at least tries to play this week, which is stupid! But y! because guess who they signed!!! THERE OLD GIRLFRIEND JEFF GARCIA!! The guy they released after he saved them! The guy they let go, to make room for there "future" hahha thats still funny to me! And then turn around to activate vick! So great, now you have 4 qbs again, three of them former pro bowlers, and the "future" hahaha... who has thrown 45 passes in his career! So, what do you do now?? Kolb cant practice with a clear mind can he? Garcia wants to start so he can go to borgata and people know who he is right? Vick wants to start to show that he still has it right? and its Mcnabbs team right??? I have an easy solution! LET UR FUTURE GO! ITS OBVIOUS HE IS TERRIBLE OR YOU WOULDNT HAVE  ALL THESE QBS ON UR ROSTER! Someone help me make since of this please! and a footnote! Carolina bugged all the way around! they pick up AJ feeley instead of garcia?? that makes no sense! garcia, would be a problem in carolina!!! and make them legit! Or, think about this, what if carolina woulda signed vick! there a rushing team anyway! play action and throw down the field to steve smith?!?! coulda been crazy!! but nope, AJ feeley it is!! someone help me figure this out! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! PEACE OUT!


Week 2 NFC Power Rankings

  1. EAGLES 1-0
  2. GIANTS 1-0
  3. VIKINGS 1-0
  4. COWBOYS 1-0
  5. SAINTS 1-0
  6. FALCONS 1-0
  7. PACKERS 1-0
  8. REDSKINS 0-1
  9. 49ERS 1-0
  10. PANTHERS 0-1
  11. CARDINALS 0-1
  12. SEAHAWKS 1-0
  13. BEARS 0-1
  14. BUCCANEERS 0-1
  15. LIONS 0-1
  16. RAMS 0-1

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Monday Night Thrillers..

Monday night football never seems to disappoint. What was suppose to be two lopsided victories for the Patriots and Chargers this monday night turn into a classic opening week thriller. The great return of Tom Brady and the Patriots vs. T.O. and his Bills was all but won for Buffalo. A costly turnover for Buffalo in the ladder minutes of the game allowed Brady to do what he does best and win on a clutch drive. T.O. was more or less held in check by the new lookin patriots Defense.

Monday night cap was suppose to be a wash for the Chargers who came into Oakland to try and make it 12 straight against the Raiders. The Raiders gave a tremendous Defensive effort that reminded most Oakland fans of the great Oakland defenses in 80's. The Chargers had no offensive answer for the raiders Defense till the 4th quarter where they scored two touchdowns. One being the game winning score with less than a minute to go in the game.

If this first week of NFL action is what to expect for the rest of the season then lets do what the Monday Night crew says to do. "Lean Back" and "Play on Playas"

Thursday, September 10, 2009


After a 2 year Hiatus the Press Box is back for all things in sports and The world......Haz Jeff Ray and a whole host of others will drop in and give u what you need to succeed son!!! Back better than ever with our insider information and outright laugh out loud antics.

Love is Love always keep God 1st!!!