Monday, April 16, 2012

The Flyers Have the Penguins Right Where They Want Them

By Haz Bey
The Philadelphia Flyers have the Pittsburgh Penguins on the brink of elimination with a 3 games to none lead in their first round match-up.  Lead by the play of Danny Briere, the Flyers are scoring at will by applying a lot of pressure at the net.  All the Penguins can do is sucker punch their way back into the series, but that is not happening.  This series is over.  It's a wrap.  "Sid the Kid" can work his magic, but even with Malkin, the pair cannot rally their troops to win four straight against a Flyers team that down right hates them.  I mean every 5 minutes it seems like the 2 teams drop their gloves and sticks and start going at it.  So much hatred, which brings out a passion to win not seen in most playoff series.  The Flyers would personally like to get over the playoff hump from losing to Crosby & company in the 2008 and 2009.  Both years the Penguins got to the Stanley Cup Finals to face the Detroit Red Wings.  The Penguins lost in 2008, but won Lord Stanley's Cup the following year in a game 7 in Detroit. 

The Flyers seem ready to eliminate the Penguins asap to move on the next round and I expect a long playoff run, because their confidence will be off the charts after bouncing out their hated rival.  Former Penguins star and current Flyer Jaromir Jagr would love to send his former team packing for the Summer is playing as if he has turn back the hands of time with his passion on the ice.  Now Game 4 will be a blood bath, but if the Philadelphia Flyers survive with a victory, they will be showered with joy from all of the Philly faithful.