Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Preview

New York Giants vs New England Patriots
Super Bowl XLVI

Blog by Haz Bey
"The Rematch" is almost here and I personally can not wait for it to go down.  Two elite quarterbacks with two elite receiving cores playing for two elite franchises.  In 2008, the Giants and Patriots met for an historic championship game for the ages ending with Eli coming up huge in the clutch to lead the Giants to a game winning touchdown earning the Giants their third Super Bowl title and ending New England's perfect season with a record of 18-1.  These teams meet again with the Lombardi Trophy on the line once more, but Tom Brady and the Patriots are waiting for payback. 

Isn't it ironic that New England has not won a playoff game since losing to the Giants in 2008 and now they must face them once again in the Super Bowl.  It's also ironic that the "G-MEN" had to go on a run just like they did to end the 2007 regular season then win multiple road games to get to the promise land again.  New England played great all season long and was expected to be here, while the Giants were inconsistent and were an after-thought of competing for the world title.  Same paths just 4 years later. 

Who is going to win this game?  I got the answer.  Let me break it down for you.  The Patriots offense is a juggernaut and is very difficult to stop.  Led by possibly the best quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady, the Patriots present weapons that are unmatched by any offense in football.  The two second year tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez two of the best at their position.  They can both present match-up problems for any linebacker or defensive back the Giants will try to cover them with.  They also are very good blockers and both are threats out the backfield.  Then there's Wes Welker.  He caught 122 balls this season and is a slot demon.  He is so quick and precised with his routes that defenders struggle to keep up.  Deion Branch, a former Super Bowl MVP for the Patriots is Tom Brady's most trusted receiver and when plays break down, he improvises with Brady to make something out of nothing.  Chad Ochocinco is an Hall-of-Fame talent and don't be surprised if Bill Belichick lets him run loose for the Super Bowl.  It might be his coming out party.  Only catching 15 balls with 1 touchdown is a far cry from what we are used to from Chad, but he didn't lose his talent and if he makes plays in this game then, bye-bye Giants.  With Benjarvas Green Ellis, Danny Woodhead & Kevin Faulk in the backfield, Tom Brady has threats on the ground and in the pass game out the backfield.  Now how will the Giants counter that?  With the arguably the league's best pass rush led by Justin Tuck, Osi Umenioyra & Jason Pierre-Paul.  The Giants do not have to blitz to get pressure on Tom Brady, much like they did to him in Super Bowl XLII and earlier this season in a come from behind win in New England in the regular season.  If they get to Brady then, turnovers will happen and that means Eli Manning and the high-powered Giants' offense will have great field position.  The New England defense is not great by any standards and will have problems trying to slow down the trio of Giant wide receivers led by big-time play maker Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks & Mario Manningham.  Eli and his receivers are more than capable to strike quickly, but their true advantage might be the 3 headed monster at running back, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs & Danny Ware.  Each one has a different running style and will keep the Patriots defense on it's toes.  Success in the run game will lead to play-action plays and Eli Manning throws a very accurate deep ball which might take the life out the Patriots if the Giants catches them sleeping looking into the backfield.

Now it is time for my prediction.  The Giants are very confident and are not intimidated by the mystic of the New England Patriots.  They been in this alley before and beat down the Patriots with a street fight-like performance,  but Tom Brady has probably been sitting at home with his gorgeous wife, Super Model Gisele, and praying for a chance to right the wrong at the hands of the Giants in their last Super Bowl meeting.  Bill Belichick will have his team prepared and ready to play.  I promise you he is more than aware that the Giants have his Patriots number lately and this might be the toughest game he must coach in his career, but with a injured ankle to his greatest weapon outside of Tom Brady, how will he get the Patriots to out execute the New York Giants?  Rob Gronkowski will play with his bummed-ankle, but how effective will he be? The match-up against Giants would have been tough enough with a healthy "Gronk", but as great as Brady is, I do not see him leading New England to their fourth Super Bowl win.  Tom Coughlin seems like his job is on the line every year and yet all he does is take the Giants to Super Bowls.  A very underrated coach and motivator, Tom Coughlin understands what it takes to win a championship and there is no way the Giants will get out played physically against the Patriots.  The Giants will have minimal problems putting points on the board and New England will not be able to keep up by game's end. 
Giants Win 34-24