Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Real McCoy

LeSean "Shady" McCoy

LeSean McCoy is the 1st Philadelphia Eagles running back to eclipse 1000 yards in the teams 1st 10 games of a season.  He is the league leader in rushing yards (1019), yards per carry (5.4) & touchdowns (12).  If "Shady" can continue the pace that he is on and lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a division title by winning out the rest of their games, how can you not consider him as an MVP canidate?  Is he an elite running back in this league?  No doubt in my mind he is.  When the Philadelphia Eagles give LeSean McCoy at least 20 carries, the Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0 this season.  The Birds have a 4-6 record.  So the writing is on the wall.  Give LeSean ball, Philly!  He's the "Real McCoy".

Haz Bey

Monday, November 21, 2011

Streaky Phins vs Streaky Boys

Thanksgiving 1993 "The Leon Lett Game"

Reggie Bush is Ballin'
The Miami Dolphins started the season at 0-7 and was in contention for a shot at Andrew Luck.  Now after winning 3 straight games, the 'Phins will roll right into Dallas for Thanksgiving and we all remember last time the Dolphins and Cowboys played on Thanksgiving.  Leon Lett was the "turkey" and his bone-head mistake on a blocked field goal in the snow allowed the Dolphins to shock the world and beat the defending champion Cowboys in front of a national audience.  But that 1993, these days are different.  I will promise to all of you out there that there will not be any snow in Dallas this Thanksgiving and Leon Lett will not be suiting up for the Cowboys this Thursday.  A blessing to all Cowboys fans. 

Romo has an eye on the Playoffs
The Dallas Cowboys are also coming in to Thanksgiving riding a 3 game win streak and are clearly playing their best football all season.  After winning their 2nd overtime game this season in D.C. against hated division rival Washington 27-24 this past Sunday, the 'Boys proved that Tony Romo can execute in big moments when Dallas needs it most.  Dallas is the only team to beat the 49ers this season and we all know how good that team is over there in San Francisco. 

Leon Lett's Bone-Head Play
This Thursday on Thanksgiving The 'Phins and 'Boys put their 3 game win streaks on the line, but who will come out the victor?  The Cowboys should win, but if Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall can have huge performances by taking advantage of Rob Ryan's wholes in his defensive scheme, then Miami might fly out of Dallas with a 4th straight win. 

Haz Bey

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where Did the 49ers Come From?

Willis the Monster
The San Francisco 49ers have basically came from nowhere to becoming an elite team in the NFL.  With quarterback Alex Smith running a very efficient offense and Patrick Willis leading arguably the best defense in the league, the 49ers have 9 of their first 10 games this season after trashing the laughable Arizona Cardinals 23-7 in San Francisco.  Now stop and clear your mind for a second or two.  The 49ers roster looks a lot like last year's roster.  So now the question is what is the driving force that is taking the 49ers to the next level?  Enter Jim Harbaugh.  His presence, his demeanor & his enthusiasm has lifted the San Francisco 49ers from mediocrity to possibly hosting a playoff game with a bye. 

San Fran's Savior
Jim Harbaugh has always been passionate at his profession.  Some people like it, some people don't, but bottom line he produces results.  We all remember the 1995 playoff run when Harbaugh led the overly matched Indianapolis Colts with his inspired play to Pittsburgh for a shot at the Super Bowl in the AFC Championship Game.  They came up just short, but what a run that was.  At Stanford, Harbaugh pumped life back into a once proud program and has developed the most coveted quarterback in recent memory in Heisman Trophy candidate Andrew Luck.   Now Jim Harbaugh has landed in San Francisco and has had immediate results.  The 49ers are undefeated on the road this season including wins in Cincy and Philly.  They have the leagues top ranked defense in both defending the run and ppg average.  Alex Smith is not turning the football over.  Smith has thrown for 13 touchdowns to only 4 interceptions.  Alex Smith's play has Jim Harbaugh stamp written all over it.

49ers beat Cardinals 23-7
With the 49ers sitting at 9-1 and only 1 game behind undefeated Green Bay for homefield advantage, another test awaits Jim Harbaugh and his troops.  A trip to Baltimore to spend Thanksgiving with his brother John Harbaugh and the AFC North leading Ravens.  The 49ers are battle tested and supremely confident. The Niners are true road warriors.  The Ravens are not as dominate defensively as in years past and are inconsistent on offense.  What may seem to be an upset to many, I predict the 49ers will go down to B-more and pull out a tough road win.  You heard hear first.

*I want to dedicate this blog to my dear friend Chauncey.  A life long 49ers fan.  R.I.P.
Haz Bey

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Empire State of Mind

Eli Manning believes he should be in the same elite class with the likes of Tom Brady and his brother Peyton.  Is he wrong for saying such a bold statement?  My answer is no and I am going to tell you why.  Eli has won as many Super Bowls as his brother in less chances, he has also beaten Tom Brady's undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl 42 with a game winning drive which ended with a Eli Manning touchdown pass and he has a Super Bowl MVP, something that even the great Brett Favre couldn't even accomplish.  So yes, Eli can be inconsistent at times.  And yes, he may look like he has no clue on what's going on, but his resume speaks for itself.  Eli is a winner.  I don't care what he does in the first 3 quarters of a football game, as long as the game is close in the 4th quarter, Eli is golden.  He may not be an elite quarterback, but Peyton's little brother is definitely clutch.  If he can find a way to help the New York Football Giants win in Foxborro this weekend, then he might have the Giants going in the right direction moving forward with two talented teams in Philadelphia and Dallas struggling to keep pace with them.

Haz Bey