Saturday, February 26, 2011

What the hell is wrong with the NBA...80's babies!!

Past Meets Future
Is this really what the NBA is about now, letting superstar call the shots and effect the lives of many other players around the league? Carmelo Anthony's trade involved 12 different players and was the trigger to the craziest NBA trade deadline day in the history of the league. What ever happen to wanting to be great and leading your team to a championship? I will tell you what happen, these 80's babies is what happen. They don't make them like they use to, MJ, AI, Reggie, Kobe, I can go on for ever. These guys were the staple of the NBA and wanted to beat each other like it was their job, oh that's right it was their job. The NBA now is made up of all these young guys that want to liked by their peers more than they want to be feared.

The 3 Diego's!!

"LeBrick" James aka Lebron James, started this I want out and I want to play ball with my friends bull!@#$. He bullied his way out of Cleveland, no, he actually just walked out of Cleveland, to go to South Beach and play with his boy D-Wade and the Heat. That started this trend in the league that you have to have two or more superstars on a team to win a championship. Now I agree no one man has one alone but usually it is a great post presence and perimeter presence, not two superstars at the perimeter. Now every prime time player under the age of 30 wants to leave their respective team to team up with another big name superstar to win win a title. That to me is the cowards way to the top, and shows the lack of heart and drive from these 80's babies. My message to those guys is get your diapers changed and grow some balls, stop running from what your job is and that's to go out every night and play against the worlds best, not team up with the best. Cowards!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

NFL Combine Studs n Duds

NFL Combine 2011
It is that time of the year again where 3 digit numbers become relevant in football, yes it is NFL Combine time. I feel the NFL Combine is the most over hyped 3 days of  non contact football. I understand completely that this is the biggest interview in their life for a lot of these young men, but I can't imagine how measuring an athletes, speed, strength, and agility can tell me what type of player he is going to be. I do, however, love the in-depth interview process and the film break down sessions they put these future signal callers through. Testing a QB's intelligence and knowledge is key in drafting him in early rounds.

Cam Showing his Arm
Another over hyped topic is top QB's at the combines should not through because it can hurt their draft stock. That's BS, because if a kid can throw what does it matter if it is a controlled environment. It won't be a controlled atmosphere when that QB has to visit Arrowhead in KC or Quest Field in Seattle, two of the loudest stadiums to play at. Cam Newton plans to fully participate in the combine and I applaud him because he is not a coward like the other QB's

At the end of the day there will be loser's and winner's at the combine but to me all these kids are winners because they will lay it all on the line to try and have their dreams come true on draft day. The losers are the media and certain GM's that put all there "marbles" on a kid because he can run 4.2 40 yard dash, or a kid can bench press 222lb's 35 times, those are losers. You can't measure a guys heart, desire, and will to want to be the best. Ask Tom Brady what round he was drafted, James Harrison, and Tramon Williams from the super bowl winning Packers. Real ball players can't be measured by their "measurables"

NBA, What Have You Taught Us Thus Far? Volume 8 "Are The Mavs For Real?"

Finally, do not trust the Dallas Mavericks. Ever since taking that 2-0 lead in the 2006 Finals against D-Wade's Heat, the Mavs have done nothing but under-achieve in the playoffs. Always talented, always putting up impressive numbers in the regular season only to fall short to teams they should have beaten. If they get passed the first round of the playoffs, a match with LA or San Antonio will most likely be upon them. Yeah, the Mavs have enough to beat both teams in a 1 game situation, but in a 7 game series against potentially both teams, it is highly unlikely that the Mavs will represent the West in the Finals. All we can do is watch and see if the Mavs can prove the doubters wrong.


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NBA, What Have You Taught Us Thus Far?, Volume 7 "Blake... The NBA's Next Super Hero"

Blake Griffin is a true All Star & a freak of nature.  Dominating opposing forwards on the floor and in the air.  He would have the same impact on an elite team as he does for the Clippers.  His play has even had veteran players like Andre Miller & Lamar Odom resort to damn near "fist to cuffs" with the young superstar, so that tells you how quickly he is taking the league by storm.  The league also recognizes Blake's "talents" & are ready to hand the league over to him.  I cannot argue with that, because the boy is so humble.  He does not show up his opponents or presents himself to have a "me first" attitude.  He just goes up night after night & plays hard on every possession while electric-flying fans across the globe.  The scary thing is, this is just season 1.  He is only going to get better.  The Clippers better become true contenders soon, because when his rookie contract expires, the league's next "super hero" will be one of the most coveted free agents in the history of sports.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr. Big Shot Big part of Deal

Melo needs Billups
The Knickerbockers finally pulled the trigger and sold the farm animals for a straight "Bull". The Knicks look like contenders now, but only if a few things happen. The main thing is Chauncey Billups has to agree to play there and play well. With Tony Douglas, a bum, but also a decent shooter, being the only real point guard on the squad, Amare' and Melo would carry all of the load. Chauncey has proven everywhere he has played, with exception to his early years in Boston and first stint with Denver, that he is a solid NBA point guard who can score, create, defend and pass. I don't see the Knicks turning things around this year, but they made some noise and now the over hyped Heat and old bones Celtics have to worry about not only the Hawks and Bulls, but the Knicks also. NY basketball is back!!

The Games within the Game...NBA All Star 2011

The Real King and Bron Bron
Let's get right to it, Kobe played out of his mind in this year's All Star game. He was determined to win the MVP and prove he is still the top "dawg" in the league. Not to be too upstage Mr. James, aka Bron Bron, recorded only the second triple double in NBA All Star game history. Kevin Durant is hands down the best scorer in the NBA and showed that with his 34 point performance in last night's All Star game. The Big 4 from Beantown didn't do much of anything, as expected with Doc Rivers coaching. Those old legs needed the rest for the home stretch of the NBA season. The game was overall exciting and what the fans wanted to see. The best players in the world going out and putting on a good show.

The Leagues Future is in his hands
Blake Griffin is only going to get better, that to me is a scary idea. The kid was the main attraction on All Star Saturday Night and he is only in his first real NBA season. The rookie game was a great warm up for what he did later that night, which was ridiculously amazing. The dunk contest hasn't seen beauty like that since Vince carter. I do admit if the judges would have let DeMar Derozan in the finals then we could have seen some real history making dunks. What the hell did they see in Javale McGee's weak ass dunks?

NBA, What Have You Taught Us Thus Far?, Volume 6 "Melo, Melo, Melo"

Melo might be running with the Knicks instead of against them

Melo is still a Nugget.  Everyday it is something else.  From Melo on his way to Jersey. To Melo on his way to Manhattan. All the way to Melo going to Hollywood, but still Melo is a Nugget.  Melo is having a sub-par season for his standards so far, but he still shows flashes of his greatness and why so much attention is coming his way.  The Knicks can end this hoopla by sending the roll players Denver is looking for a top 5 Player in this league.  New York is only 2 games over 500 in the East with the roster they currently have, so why would they be so arrogant enough to think their role players are not worth trading for Carmelo Anthony.  It's been said in the media that Melo will go to New York via free agency, but it is not guaranteed.  There is a 3 year 65 million dollar extension waiting to be signed and if the Knicks thinks Melo will easily give that up, then they have another thing coming to them.  Here's some advice New York, just make the damn trade already & remember, you have until Thursday to do it. 

Haz Bey
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NBA, What Have You Taught Us Thus Far? Volume 5 "Rose For MVP"

Derrick Rose is the NBA MVP.  They said he couldn't be a high volume scorer, well, he is (dropping 42 on the Spurs last night was no easy task).  They said he couldn't run the offense like a conventional point guard, well, he is (averaging 8.2 apg).  They said he couldn't shoot the "J", well, he is & if you don't get up on you he will consistently burn you from the outside.  Derrick Rose has a complete game, but his best attribute might be his uncanny ability to finish at the rim.  He takes what is supposed to be punishment from a opposing defender & uses it against them while finishing with a strong, spectacular shot at the rim.  With injury related absences from Carlos Boozer & Joakim Noah at different points this season, Rose has the Bulls looking like a true contender in the East.

Haz Bey
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Melo' Drama!

I think I can speak for most basketball fans, when I say, Can Denver please trade Melo already. This straight to DVD movie is dragging out worst than the movie Avatar. The ending to is story is only 72 hours away, but it's been a 6 month on again off again saga. The Nuggets really should stop pimping Melo and take what they can get because he will not sign an extension with them and they will get "Caved" if they don't trade for something in return, a la Cavs and Bron Bron. I tell you what does makes sense though, Melo and his professionalism. He has acted as if there was no sense of urgency to get a deal done and has not complained one bit in fact he has been pretty "Melo" about it. No pun intended.

To me the deal that makes the most sense is the Knicks deal because the nuggets aren't left to dry out there. They would get Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, and Danilo Gallinari with draft pick options. The deal with the Nets gets them heralded rookie Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, two role players, and that role being "bums", Ben Uzoh and Troy Murphy. The Nuggets would give away Billups, Melo, and 4 future first round picks. That deal sounds like something that is done on video games. When it is all said and done Melo wins no matter where he goes because he wanted out and I can't blame him, it's Denver, what the hell is there to do in Denver?

Friday, February 18, 2011

NBA, What Have You Taught Us Thus Far? Volume 4 "Don't Write Off The Lake-Show Just Yet"

 Do not worry about the Lake-Show.  What do we know about Phil Jackson teams on the brink of a 3-peat?  No matter what happens during season or what new favorites emerge, Phil Jackson teams get it done. Teams like the Knicks, Suns, Jazz & Kings have all had home court advantage against Phil Jackson led teams, but someway, somehow Phil gets enough out of his players to bring home the gold.  So what about this Laker team on their chances to making history?  Well, are they disinterested?  Absolutely.  LA doesn't just get beat bad by the elite, they get beat by the mediocre & the down-right awful, hello Cleveland.  This is the two-time defending champions looking for their fourth straight trip to the NBA Finals.  To not give up on them so easily.  Yeah, I know the Celtics, Spurs & Heat are the sexier picks right now, but it's February, not May, better yet, not June either.  LA is just as good on the road as they are at home.  Since Pau Gasol's arrival the Lakers have more road wins in the playoffs then anyone else in the league and that's no accident.  When you present the size they have on the front line along with the game's best player in Kobe Bryant, you never write them off, better yet, respect their "Gangsta", if you know what I mean of course.

Haz Bey
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NBA, What Have You Taught Us Thus Far? Volume 3 "The Heat Are Living Up To The Hype"

The Heat are living up to the hype.  The Heat will probably win 60 games this season.  Too much talent against the non-elite teams.  So much like the "LeBron led Cavs", Miami is pretty much guaranteed to finish with 1 of the top 2 seeds in the East.  Now Boston is the biggest threat in the East, but unlike Boston their are other teams Miami has to worry about...  Chicago & Orlando.  The Bulls are playing defense at a extremely high level, while the Magic present offensive problems for just about anybody in the league.  Miami "Big 3" should have enough to beat these teams in potential 7 game series, but they will have to step it up a few notches if they want to compete with Boston for 7 games.  It will take more than a "Big 3" to beat a "Big 4", I mean it's just mathematics.

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NBA, What Have You Taught Us Thus Far? Volume 2 " The Big, Bad Celtics"

 The Boston Celtics are big, scary & hungrier than ever.  If the Celtics are healthy going into the playoffs, how can you not consider them favorites to win it all.  Now I'm a Lakers fan, but the proof is in the pudding.  The Lakers won game 7 on the boards.  How does Boston respond, by adding Shaq & Jermaine O'Neal to go alongside KG, Kendrick Perkins & Big Baby.  That's 5 huge bodies to throw at Bynum, Gasol & Odom.  The Celtics "Big 4" are playing at a high level to no one's surprise and all have been rewarded with an All Star appearance in Sunday's big game.  In the East, only The Miami Heat possess the talent necessary to challenge Boston in a 7 game series, but in the teams' 1st 3 meetings this season, Boston has bullied Miami and have kept Dwayne Wade in check while holding him to just 12 made baskets in 3 games totaling 37 points overall in the regular season series.  Now what does that tell us? Pencil-in Boston for their spot in The Finals, period.

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*Check out Volume 3 "The Heat Are Living Up To The Hype"

Everything that glitters isn't Gold


The difference between this stretch of trouble for the Lakers and the past two seasons is that in the past there was always an obvious reason anytime they started to struggle it was because Of injuries. Bynum, Pau, and Kobe all missed games because of injuries and the Lakers would go on slides during those games. Right now this season the Lakers are one of the healthiest teams in the League, with only Matt Barnes missing out of the rotation. So, while they are still pretty good they are nowhere near Championship caliber. THAT'S why they need to worry, because even at full strength they are not looking that strong.

Josh Bell

NBA, What Have You Taught Us Thus Far? Volume 1 "Welcome Back San Antonio Spurs"

 All Star 2011 is here people.  The NBA takes it's "Road Show" to Hollywood where Kobe, LeBron & D-Wade will showcase their "talents" to the world.  I want to review what got us to All Star Weekend and what we have to look for in June.
 First of all lets give credit where credit is due... Welcome back San Antonio Spurs!  With Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker leading the way with their elite play and up-tempo style offense, the Spurs look poised to claim the top spot in the West.  With Coach Popovich speeding up the offense instead of dropping the ball to soon to be Hall of Famer Tim Duncan possession after possession, the Spurs arguably have the most difficult offense to stop in the league.  It also helps that wing man Richard Jefferson has gotten comfortable with his roll with the team, knocking down clutch 3's in big-time situations.  Lets not forget the Spurs are deeper than ever while getting valuable contributions from young guns Gary Neal, George Hill, DeJuan Blair, Tiago Splitter & the veteran, Antonio McDyse.  The Spurs are back to championship form and have a very comfortable lead for home court through The Finals & do not be shocked if you catch the Spurs hoisting the Larry O'Brien Tropy at season's end.

Haz Bey
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Training Already?


 MVP Albert Pujols

Do these over paid baseball players ever have time to enjoy there money? I mean they are the "boys of the summer" and all but why do they end baseball in the fall and start in early spring? it doesn't make sense to me for one because outside of fielding a ground ball and catching a line drive, hitting a baseball is the only difficult part of this sport. I can't imagine why they have to play 160 some odd 3 plus hour games just to only send 6 of the 30 MLB teams to the playoffs. In the playoffs they play some really good baseball but the regular season and the elongated spring season has to be fixed.

This off-season two studs in the MLB where treated unfairly in my eyes by their respective teams during contract negotiations. Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, who is hands down a Hall of Famer and maybe one of the best to put on pinstripes was actually told to test the free agency pool and see what you can get out there by Yankees GM Cashman. What a coward move by the Yanks, because you didn't have to rub it in his face that you guys was giving him the best offer out there. This guy is a bonafide gamer and great clubhouse guy, he did nothing but try and get paid like he felt he deserved.

Albert Pujols is hands down the best player in baseball and would love to see an argument otherwise. He goes in to this season with out a contract for the future. How the hell does that happen? I will tell you how, bad management. Puljos should have been given an extension last season and instead they paid Matt Holiday $126 million. What sense does that make? None. So now Albert goes into next fall with no contract and will test the small market of clubs that can afford his 10 year $300 Million asking price. Good luck with that Albert, I'm sure you will be a Cardinal again but the St. Louis management should be Bitch slapped for that one.

Who is the Nations top College Player?

Trying to find a favorite to win the Nation Championship is like trying to guess who hasn't slept with that chick you know from the down the block who was friends with your ex but slept with her brother. Basically it's just as open as she is. The top player in the nation isn't as difficult. My three main guys right now are doing things for their teams that needs to be done and the one to our left is just a Freshman. Jared Sullinger is having a big shoe deal type of a season. He is rebounding the ball like Chuck back in his Sixers or Suns days, which ever team was winning at the time, and can score on the block like a baby Shaq. The one flaw is he shoots free throws like a grown man Shaq. I have to admit though I like the kid and think he should be first pick in 2011 draft.
 Kemba Walker teased America with his first 10 games by averaging close to 29 points a game. He knocked off teams like Kentucky and Washington all by himself. That's one plus for Kemba in the Player of the year running because unlike Sullinger Kemba doesn't have much help. The big knock on Kemba is that he takes a lot of bad shots. True but what NBA guard doesn't take a lot of bad shots? I think he will improve come time for the big east tourney and Show out!
Every bodies favorite our boy JIMMER!! With a name like that he should win all awards. The biggest upside to his game is that he can only get better. The kid can shoot it from about 35 feet out and drive to the basket like a grown man. People want to knock his quickness and ball handling but Stockton was slow as hell and had one crossover move, Marc Jackson could not shoot and seemed to always be running in Timberland boots on the court but both of those guys got it done. Jimmer will be a NBA guard, lets just hope for his sake he slips to the later rounds and goes to a great team like Tony Parker. My vote is for, well lets just wait and see who WOW's me next week.

Lockout Looms huh?

Billionaires vs. Millionaires

Is the NFL really about to lockout over a couple bucks? Yea I said a couple bucks. They make these labor talks seem like a murder trial and if a verdict isn't reached all hell will break loose. I can't imagine not having a football season in 2011 for a few simple reasons. 1. No matter who gives in to what they will all still pretty rich and have more money than the average man. 2. What the hell would people do with themselves is there is no football on Sunday, Monday, and your occasional Thursday evening? RIOT!! and 3. The owners have a billion dollar T.V, contract out there that is covering their asses and the players no that so the bully being bullied mentality will not work for them.

All in all I cannot wait until this new CBA is done because sportscenter is becoming boring without the any talk of Free Agency in the NFL or trades. That is the fun off-season talk, outside the The Draft of course. Get it done fools and Get it done right so we won't be here again in 3 seasons!!

Lake Show is still Must See TV

The LA Lakers are looking like an old version of the new San Antonio Spurs. That might not make any sense but check it out, When the Spurs won there 3 Championships in the 2000's they never had the best record in the league for the whole season nor did the beat every team with an above .500 record, BUT when the playoffs came around they were a machine! Kind of like the Lake show last 2 seasons. The Lakers loss 7 of 9 before the playoffs started last season and if I'm not mistaken They Lakers have been blown out more than any other team above .500 in the the last few seasons as well. But they still manage to wake up when it counts and are working on their 2nd three peat in the last 12 seasons.

The world has an infatuation with the Lake show and every step they make, good or bad, is scrutinized. People want LA to fold and just admit defeat and say, " We suck and can't beat any good teams". Now I admit losing to the woefully Cavs is an embarrassing lost, but it happens people. Get off the I hate Kobe and I hate the Lakers bandwagon please. The playoffs aren't here yet and they have plenty of time to get it together. What does a game in mid-February actually mean? Absolutely Nothing!