Friday, September 28, 2007

Mets Meltdown!!!

The New York Mets find themselves not alone on top of the NL East for the first time since May 16th. The surging Philadelphia Phillies have been chipping away at the what used to be a commanding lead by New York and now all that hard work, fighting through unbearable injuries with key players going on the DL including Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Bret Myers throughout season is paying off.

The Mets are clearly the most talented team in the National League, but the Phillies have the most heart. The NL East is in the deadlock the two teams who lead go into action for their last weekend series of the regular season. Willie Randolph plays as a cool customer when it comes to the media, but the moves he has been making down the stretch, you can tell the pressure of winning is getting to him. To put a struggling Billy Wagner in a game where the Mets are losing means he is running out of options.

There is no way the Phillies should have been given a chance to overtake the Mets, but now all we can do as fans can ask for is a Monday afternoon playoff to decide who wins the NL East. This is what Major League Baseball is all about. Enjoy it America.

Hassan Bey

Picks Week 4

Week #4

Houston @ Atlanta
With this pick Im taking Houston with Matt Schaub missing his biggest two weapons Andre Johnson and Ahman Green. I believe he still finds a way to win. As for the Falcons is Leftwich starting yet? Houston 27-17

NY Jets @ Buffalo
In this game Marshawn Lynch takes over the game and the home teams wins it. Buffalo wins this one 24-21

Baltimore @ Cleveland
This game is a pretty big game and someone will be a big factor in it again. His name is Jamal Lewis. He has a big game along with Braylon Edwards and the Browns upset the Ravens 17-10

St. Louis @ Dallas
Dallas looks like a NFC contender and its quite clear give Tony his money and sign him to a nice contract. Dallas wins 38-13

Chicago @ Detroit
Brian Griese will have a strong performance and the Bears will show they are still an NFC contender when they have a QB who will make some plays and give the defense some time to rest. Bears win 21-17

Oakland @ Miami
Oakland will be led by Duante Culpepper and he will help coach Lane Kiffin get his second win. Oakland moves to 2-2 on possibly a Janikowski field goal. Raiders 17-14

Green Bay @ Minnesota
Possibly a big upset here when these two face off it always seems to be a good game. I think Kelly Holcomb can establish the Vikings pass game they can pull off the upset of the week. Brett Favre also passes Marino early to have most TD passes but in a losing fashion. Vikings win 27-24

Tampa Bay @ Carolina
Tampa is a very well balanced team this year and so far the team looks very good. Look for them to impress again taking this game by atleast 10 points. Tampa Bay wins 24-10

Seattle @ San Francisco
This game Im going to go with experience over the younger upcoming team. Ill take the Seattle Seahawks with Shaun Alexanders broken wrist by a touchdown. Seattle wins 24-17

Pittsburgh @ Arizona
The Pittsburgh Steelers look really good so far this year to me. Big Ben is back to just play smart football instead of trying to create and Willie looks like an 18 wheeler not a bus. The Steelers continue to roll. Pittsburgh wins 27-13

Denver @ Indianapolis
Look for Joseph Addai to keep getting the bigger role and keep the Colts winning. Colts big 35-10

Kansas City @ San Diego
LT should get on track this week just think if he played the preseason he would be ready week one and not now. If he is going to sit out as well as other superstars then why dont we just add a couple more regular season games and do away with preseason. Scrimmages right to Week 1 LT scores 3 times and San Diego wins 31-17

Philadelphia @ New York Giants
Look for Philly to look strong again. Tom Coughlin should quit and move on to something else. Let the team and coaches all be on one page. Philly wins 27-17

Monday Night Football
New England @ Cincinnati
The Bengals will need for Carson Chad and TJ Houshmandzadeh to all have big games to stay in this one. Look for Wes Walker not so much Randy Moss to have a big game but New England to win it on a Gostkowski FG. Patriots 34-31

Ray Weed reporting for Mike and Company

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Haz's Sunday Night Football Pick Week 4


These NFC East rivals met 3 times last year with Philly winning 2 out of 3 including the division crown for the 5th time in 6 years and a playoff victory in the Wild Card Round of last years Playoffs. The Giants look to erase that nasty taste in their mouths from a year ago, with a huge defensive effort from their front 7. Philly will look to take advantage of the lack of depth in the Giants defensive backfield. When these teams plays the records go out the window and with each team winning impressively last week for their 1st wins of the season look for this game to go down the stretch. I believe the Eagles pull it out 24 -20.

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Haz's Week 4 Pick's

Haz's Picks (Wins & Losses)
Last week: 12-4
Season: 22-10

Rams @ Cowboys:
2 teams going in 2 opposite directs. Cowboys win easily 35-7.

Raiders @ Dolphins:
Culpepper gets the start and gets the win. Can you say 2 in a row Oakland. Raiders win 17-14.

Bears @ Lions:
Chicago fans, your prayers have been answered. Brian Griese will provide the spark the Bears need to win, bad thing is the defense in decimated with injuries. Look for the Lions offense to take advantage in a close game. Lions win 23-20.

Jets @ Bills:
Jets will win. They are clearly the better team of the 2. Jets win 27-10.

Steelers @ Cardinals:
Arizona is 0 for their last 8 games against the AFC, they will keep the streak alive at 9. Steelers win big 34-10.

Ravens @ Browns:
The Ravens "D" will dominate this game. Ravens win 27-6.

Packers @ Vikings:
Bret and the Pack have historically had problems generating wins in the Metrodome, but this year will be different. The Packers front 7 on defense will smother who ever Brad Childress plays behind center in this game. Packers win 19-10.

Texans @ Falcons:
Welcome back Matt Schaub, you will lead your team to victory because of your poise and efficent play at Quarterback, while your old team, Atlanta, will be kicking themselves in the foot after trading you in the off-season. Texans win 28-12.

Seahawks @ 49ers:
It very simple to pick who is going to win in any NFC West matchup. Just flip a coin and there you have it. I got tails which means the 49ers win 21-20.

Buccaneers @ Panthers:
Tampa's defense will be the difference. Bucs win 17-9.

Chiefs @ Chargers:
The Chargers will bounce back after 2 losses to the best team in football and the second best team in the NFC respectfully. Chargers win 28-14.

Broncos @ Colts:
Very bad matchup for the Broncos. Colts win effortlessly 38-10.


NBA camps have started this week with a lot of noise. Players want out, players want in, and some are eager to get the season started. There has been much anticipation for this upcoming season, maybe more so, then when Mike (Jordan) came back to the league the first time...We try and forget about the Wizard's Michael Jordan...

The off-season was eventful and compelling with a few blockbuster trades (Kevin Garnett to the Celtics) and the drafting of future NBA legends Kevin Durant and Greg Oden (Oden out for the season with injury). The rumors of great players like Kobe Bryant, Jermaine O'Neal, Shawn Marion, and etc., have kept NBA fans on their seats waiting for these guys to land in their favorite teams laps.

The off-season was also marred by scandal with the alleged gambling of veteran NBA official Ted Donahgy and New York Knickerbocker's head Coach Isiah Thomas' sexual harassment case. What's a professional sport without drama or scandal?...Oh yea we call it Soccer.

Haz's NFL FAB 5

The Top 5 Elite Teams In The NFL


Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Haz's AFC Power Rankings: Week 4

The Patriots are an unstoppable machine right now the Colts are looking solid in their defense of the world title and the Steelers are looking like they will contend with both teams for the AFC thrown. San Diego must get their offense together soon or L.T. and company will be sitting at home this post season. Here's how I ranked them...

1. Patriots 3-0
2. Colts 2-0
3. Steelers 3-0
4. Titans 2-1
5. Texans 2-1
6. Ravens 2-1
7. Jaguars 2-1
8. Broncos 2-1
9. Chargers 1-2
10. Raiders 1-2
11. Jets 1-2
12. Chiefs 1-2
13. Browns 1-2
14. Bengals 1-2
15. Dolphins 0-3
16. Bills 0-3

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Haz's NFC Power Rankings: Week 4

The NFC is up for grabs. The Cowboys seem to be the conferences dominant team and the Packers are looking like a decent #2, but 3 through 16 is very unclear. The Saints are now challenging the Falcons and Rams for the conference's worst record this season and doing a great job at that. Here's how I ranked all the NFC teams this week.

1. Cowboys 3-0
2. Packers 3-0
3. Seahawks 2-1
4. Buccaneers 2-1
5. Panthers 2-1
6. Redskins 2-1
7. 49ers 2-1
8. Lions 2-1
9. Eagles 1-2
10. Giants 1-2
11. Bears 1-2
12. Cardinals 1-2
13. Vikings 1-2
14. Falcons 0-3
15. Rams 0-3
16. Saints 0-3

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fantasy Blunders

Drop, add, claim off waivers...drop, add, claim off waivers. This is what every Fantasy Football owner has been doing for the last few weeks. Injuries and lack of production is keeping star players on benches or trading blocks within Fantasy Leagues.

St.Louis Rams stud RB Steven Jackson was on everybody's Big Board on draft day. Three games into the season he has yet to score a touchdown and only has one game with over a hundred yards rushing. Now in that same game he partially tore his left groin and might be out a couple of weeks...Cut'em or Bench'em...Cut'em, groin injuries linger around and the Rams don't have a offensive line.

Flashy, fast, and gifted are words you can associate with Saints star RB Reggie Bush. But Mr. Bush isn't living up to those words. He has 80 total rushing yards in three games and lost 2 fumbles. Yea has a couple of TD's but no enough for a fantasy impact...Cut'em or Bench'em...Neither. Deuce McAllister is out for the season and the Saints are bad. So, Start Reggie and hope for the best.

Steelers WR Hines Ward is usually a sure bet on the gridiron and in Fantasy Football. Nine catches for 108 yards and one touchdown. Sounds like a good game for Hines...but that is his totals after three games. The Steelers have went back to their old ways and are running the ball which is hurting Hines Ward fantasy owners...Cut'em or Bench'em...Bench'em for now because of a sprained right knee that could keep him out for a week or so...Plus Big Ben has to throw the ball to somebody.

Rex is Hexed

The Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith needs to wake-up and bench the worst starting QB in the National Football League...Rex Grossman. Rex did get his team to the Super Bowl last season but probably had one of the worst performances ever.

Chicago went 13-3 last year with terrible Rex at the helm. This season they already have two losses and he has been playing more like Gator bait then a former Gator. Rex has thrown 6 picks in three games and only one touchdown and you would think Coach Lovie would pull the trigger and bench him going into Week 4...Nope. Lovie says he is considering a QB change and won't say for sure until Wednesday...More like a Cowardly Lion then a Chicago Bear, Lovie.

After all of the criticism he took last season and after the Super Bowl, you can only wonder...What did Rex do this off-season?...Apparently nothing...His completion percentage is below the radar, he still plays catch with the other team, and he has a 45.2 Passer Rating. Sorry to say but Rex its time to hold the clipboard and get use to the life of a NFL backup...Reality TV here you come.

Tyson facing Fears

Mike Tyson is facing years in prison after pleading guilty to drug possession and DUI charges. What's even more bizarre is that he also admitted to being a drug addict...Well maybe that isn't bizarre but you get the point.

Tyson's Career has dwindled in to the land of make believe...He was a side show in a circus at one point, he was trying to revitalize his career by taking on three round boxing exhibitions and now he spends most of his time smoking cocaine through cigarettes. Now for a former Heavyweight Champion that seems like a far reach...Not for Mike. This is the same man that bit Holyfield's ear, tattooed his face, and quit in the middle of a boxing match.

The world should have seen this coming when Mike was just a 20-year-old boxer playing with Pigeons on a roof-top in Catskills, NY, or his numerous run-ins with the law for rape. Mike needs prison, its the only place he will feel comfortable and at home. Among the crazies, not so much the murders because only person Mike killed...was Tyson.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mike's Monday Night Pick

Saints and Titans are among the youngest teams in the NFL and they both have one of the best young players on their team. Titans QB Vince Young will try and beat the Saints defense by air and by land but hopes his defense can keep Saints RB Reggie Bush in check. Reggie is due for a big game as Vince had two impressive weeks of football already. This game comes down to whose "D" breaks first. Saints bend but don't break, 24-13.

Beast of the East

The Eagles have been on top of the NFC East for a number of years, but it seems like the tides are turning. The 'Birds had a strong statement win against the 2-0 Lions Sunday and improve their record to 1-2, but an even bigger statement was made by the 3 and 0 Dallas Cowboys Sunday night against the Bears. Division foes Giants and Redskins battled it out, in what can only be said was a Giant win for New York, who are now 1-2. Redskins dropped to 2-1 after the tough loss.

Dallas walked in "Chi-Town" and threw the Big "D" on them, as they defeated the Bears 34-10. Cowboys QB Tony Romo is playing like a Pro Bowler and hopes soon Owner Jerry Jones will pay him like one. T. O. is happy because he is getting the damn ball, Keyshawn. And the three four defense is keeping teams in check.

Eagles leader and QB Donovan McNabb showed his colors, literally, in probably the ugliest uniforms ever seen. Ugly jersey's didn't stop Mcnabb from lighting the Lions "D" up with 381 yards in the air, 4 TD's and a 56-21 victory. The Eagles might have found a number one receiver in Kevin Curtis, well it was the Lions "D".

Giants and Redskins showed the rest of the NFC East that it is going to be a long season. The game was in doubt for the Giants until the Redskins just stop playing football in the second half. They allowed the G-Men to score 21 unanswered points in the second half but still had a chance to win. They ran the ball four straight times on the goaline and was stuffed each and every time by a resurgent Giants "D".'Skins took this one on the chin, 24-17.

Head of their Class

The Colts, Steelers, and Patriots are all undefeated after three weeks of football. Each one them have displayed a championship swagger that other teams would dream of having this early in the season. These three teams, coincidentally our last three Super Bowl Champions, had impressive wins Sunday.

The Colts held off a late surge by QB Matt Schaub and the Texans to win on the road 30-24. The Texans outscored the Colts in the fourth quarter 14-3, which showed that the defending Super Bowl Champions still have a little weakness on Defense.

With Big Ben playing a more conservative style like he did his rookie year, it allows the Steelers to thrive on its running game again. They laid a beat down on the 2-0 Niners 37-16, with 20 of those points coming in the fourth quarter. Steelers RB Willie Parker controlled the game with a 133 yards rushing.

Randy Moss really needed out of Oakland to show he still has that "Moss Effect". He probably looked better in a Raiders jersey but Randy Moss, the Patriot, scored two touchdowns Sunday to continue his and the Patriots terror on the league. Tom Brady threw 4 TD's and over 300 yards in the air, but it was a Defenseless Buffalo they were facing. For the third straight week the Pats' score exactly 38-points and held the bills to a measly seven.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday's Best

After a another great Saturday of College football we know a few things are for certain...Notre Dame is a bad team, USC is a pro team, and the SEC is flat out the best Conference in College Football. We also saw Michigan add another win against rival Penn St. and Louisville lose for a second straight week, as they were knocked off by the unranked Syracuse Orange.

Saturday night was capped off with an overtime thriller between two SEC rivals, #22 Georgia Bulldogs and #16 Alabama Crimson Tide. The Bulldogs outlasted the 'Tide 26-23. Many believe the competition in the SEC is above the rest but the downfall to that is by the end of the season all them have taken a good beating from each other.

We shall see if the Michigan Wolverines can climb back in the Top 25 this week after a win against the #10 Penn State Nittany Lions. Penn St. was 3-0 going into the game but really wasn't tested as the teams they beat had a combine record of 1-8. One of those teams was the, now 0-4, Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It might be a while before this young Notre Dame team gets its first victory, let's just hope Head Coach Charlie Weiss hasn't settled in South Bend.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Canes' Regain Swagger

The Miami Hurricanes impressed some people last night with their 34-17 beat down of #20 Texas A&M. Head Coach Randy Shannon was able to get his kids fired up for this game and it showed on both sides of the ball.

The Hurricanes used all weapons on offense. RB Graig Cooper rushed for a score and caught a pass for a touchdown. With erratic QB Kirby Freeman on the bench the Canes' offense looked more fluid with QB Kyle Wright, who completed 21-26 passes for 275 yards and two touchdowns. The Aggies were knocked out of their offensive game as the Canes' Defense held them to only 98 yards on the ground, they average about 200 plus rushing yards a game.

Miami has improved their Thursday night record to 11-1 all time and 10-0 at home. They had to win this game, not only for national prominence but for themselves. After getting embarrassed by #4 Oklahoma 51-17, the Canes' needed to salvage some respect and learn to appreciate the U on their Helmets. When you play for the U your playing for a culture not a football team.

Tour De Doping

It seems the USA teams in the Tour De France can't avoid doping allegations. Well the invincible Lance Armstrong was able to win seven straight without testing positive; they tried numerous times to get him, but failed. Last years winner, Floyd Landis just wasn't that lucky as his positive testing for synthetic testosterone was upheld by arbitrator's Thursday. Landis has been banned for two years and has to forfeit last years crown.

Landis came back to win last years Tour DE France in stunning fashion. After a bike wreck in early stages put him back two plus hours in time, he was able to recoup and continue with the aid from the medics. Well it must have been more than pain killers that gave Landis the boost. In reality after Lance Armstrong, who won his last Tour DE France with one testicle, retired from bicycling who cares to watch. Floyd get another hobby.

Phillies 'Phans' Hold Tight

With 11 Games left in the regular season the Phillie's are still in the playoff hunt. This is nothing new to Philly fans though as it seems the Phils are always in position until the very end of the season, but then find some way to blow it. Seven of their last 11 games are against the Nationals who has a 68-83 record. The Nationals will be the team to decide whether or not the Phillie's will make the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

The Phils are playing some good baseball of late; except for there pitching. They were up 11-0 two games ago but only won 13-11 and then last night up 4-3 in the 9th inning only to have Brett Myers blow the lead; Fortunately they won that game. Cole Hamels didn't look anywhere close to 100 percent last night and he may not even be 50% healthy. So pitching needs to step up and keep them in some of these games instead of relying totally on the offense.

With the offensive fire power they have you can't count them out but with the way history has proved itself over the last few seasons don't get your hopes up to much either. This maybe something the city of Philadelphia needs more then ever because with the Eagles 0-2 they fans need something to cheer about. Why not the Phillie's for a change.

Ray Weed reporting for Mike and Company

Major League Meltdown

With only a game and a half lead on the New York Yankees, you can't help but to think, for the eleventh straight year the Boston Red Sox will not win their division. The Bo' Sox are having a complete breakdown inside their clubhouse...And we shouldn't be surprised.

In the last six seasons the Red Sox were on top of their division by a number of games just to run out of gas in September and let the Yankees win the division. Is it bad management or are the Yankees that good...? Contrary to belief, the Bo Sox are giving the division away time and time again.

Lack Luster pitching, inconsistent batting lineups, key injured players, and not to mention "stupid trades" have lead them to their demise over and over again. They give up OF Willy Mo Pena to the Nationals; now with the injury to OF Manny Ramirez, Willy MO could have been a big help to their batting lineup...They acquire Closer Eric Gagne, who hasn't made a good fastball pitch in almost 4 years, and he blows save after save opportunity.

The Yankees have ten games left to be played while the Red Sox only have nine and none of them are a head-head match-up between the two. This should add some extra drama to an already exciting end to Baseball's marathon of a season.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Haz's Picks For Week 3

I got to say to start last week tied with my college Ray, is not bad. Look for me to knock him clear out the water this week with my hot picks for Week 3.

Week 2 Stats for Haz: 10-6
Season Stats for Haz: 10-6

1:00 PM Games
Dolphins @ Jets: This should not be an very exciting game to watch. I believe it is going to be an defensive struggle with low scoring. It's a toss up, but I believe the Jets pull it out in the end with or with out Chad Pennington. Jets win 10-9.

Colts @ Texans: When you lose your best player like the Texans did for their upcoming divisional battle with World Champion Colts, everyone on that side of the ball has to pick up the slack. Andre Johnson is a game breaker and if he were available on Sunday, I would have picked a closed game. Manning and the Colts still has not forgotten about the lost they took last season in Houston, look for them to dish out some payback. Colts in win with the division lead on the line, 24-10.

Bills @ Patriots: The Patriots are completely unstoppable and until someone beats them or shows some promise like they can, I'm not picking against them, especially at home. I am going to keep an occurring theme going and predict the Patriots will win 38-14.

Rams @ Buccaneers: With franchise left tackle Orlando Pace gone for the season due to injury, Marc Bulger is a sitting duck & Steven Jackson is a marked man. I like what Jeff Garcia showed me last week and look for that to continue against a week St. Louis secondary. Bucs win 27-10.

Lions @ Eagles: With their offense out of sink, McNabb and the Eagles need to pick up the pieces after being upset at home by division leading Washington on Monday Night Football, but the Detroit Lions are a confident bunch and playing some inspired football led by quarterback John Kitna. The Eagles are decimated by injuries in their secondary, which may allow Kitna to find big targets, Roy Williams and sensational rookie Calvin Johnson the field more often than usual. Lions will win 28-14.

Chargers @ Packers: What a great test for Green Bay. They have a chance to knock off 3 playoff participants from last season if they can knock off the defending AFC West Champions. San Diego's offense is lacking an identity and is off to a terrible start offensively. With the weapons the present on that side of the ball, there should be no excuses on why this team is having problems putting points on the board. I believe Norv Turner is not a good NFL head coach by any means, but he needs to figure something out, because if good old Marty can get fired after a 14-2 season, missing the playoffs with this talented group of men should get him banned from the league. Packers win at home 17-13.

49ers @ Steelers: The 49ers has not showed me anything except that they can beat teams in their division. So what, the NFC West stinks. Here's a chance for San Fran to get a tough win on the road against a quality opponent, only thing is that it is not going to happen this week. Steelers win 23-14.

Cardinals @ Ravens: The Ravens are at home against Arizona. Whether McNair plays or not, I believe the defense will keep the Cardinals out of the end-zone. This game will be close though. Ravens win 16-9.

Vikings @ Chiefs: I like the Vikings to get on track this week. K.C. has no deep threats on the outside which means extra attention on Tony Gonzales and 8 to 9 men in the box against Larry Johnson. The Vikings bring it defensively and will win 17-10.

4:00 PM Games
Jaguars @ Broncos: Look for Denver to to keep the winning streak alive, because Jacksonville just doesn't have enough weapons offensively to keep up. Broncos win 30-13.

Browns @ Raiders: The Raiders keep beating themselves. They can easily be 2-0 right now, losing games down the stretch to Detroit and Denver respectfully. The Browns on the other hand shocked the sports world with a legendary offensive performance racking up 51 points on rival Cincinnati. The Raiders are at home has presents one of the leagues toughest defenses, while the Browns have to show us that they can play well on the road after an outstanding offensive performance against the Bengals. Defensively the Browns are terrible!!!! So Raiders win 21-7.

Bengals @ Seattle: Watch out Bengals fans, I predict a shootout in Seattle. The Bengals and Seahawks are both weak on the defensive side of the ball, but each have some good weapons on offense. Seattle is 1 of the most toughest and loudest places to play in the National Football League, so look for the "12th Man" to be a huge factor as I see the game ending 41-38, Seahawks win.

Panthers @ Falcons: No Vick, No Leftwich, no chance for the "Dirty Birds". Joey Harrington is 1 of the worst starting quarterbacks to ever play this game and will prove it as division rival Carlina bounce back this week from a tough loss last week at home to the Houston Texans. Panthers win 35-10.

Giants @ Redskins: The NFC East is probably the most popular division in all of sports. Any time any of these teams gets together it is literally "Must Watch TV". This game should go down to the wire. The Giants have a lot to prove the most to lose, but I see Washington's confidence building and after beating defending NFC East Champ Philadelphia on Monday Night Football last week, a monkey was lifted off their shoulders and they now feel they can beat anybody. Look for Jason Campbell to lead the Redskins to a 3-0 start. Redskins win 20-17.

Sunday Night Football
Cowboys @ Bears: The Cowboys are the flat out the best team in the NFC right now and if the can beat defending NFC Champ Chicago, they will stick to that claim. Looks like T.O. and Romo are clicking on all cylinders and it seems there is nothing anybody in the league can do to stop it, but then again the conference's best defense resides in Chicago. The Bears present a nasty defense that will flat out change the complexion of a game. Urlacer and Briggs will try to disrupt the timing of T.O. and Romo, but will they be successful. I do not think it matters, because of 1 word... Grossman. Rex will lead Chicago to another loss by turning the ball over to the Cowboys at least 3 times. Cowboys win 28-17.

Monday Night Football
Titans @ Saints: The Saints have a tremendous home field advantage playing at the Louisiana Superdome. Who can forget the Monday Night Football game from last season as they destroyed the Atlanta Falcons in front of the country. I'm telling you right now that that is not going to happen against Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans. Vince Young has ice water in his veins and does not let the pressures of a NFL game get to them. Much like he did against Reggie Bush in the National Title Game a 2 years back, Vince will put his team on his back and lead the Titans to a victory down the stretch. The Saints will fall to 0-3 as the Tennessee Titans win 21-20.

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big Names in Big Places

Falcons and Cowboys upgrade their teams with signings Tuesday. The Dallas Cowboys sign DT Tank Johnson, who is probably known more for his stints in jail then his performance on the field. Atlanta Falcons are ready to try and win a game with the signing of QB Byron Leftwhich.

Both teams are on two different ends of the spectrum, (Cowboys 2-0, Falcons 0-2) but these were needed additions for both teams. Falcons needed strong help at QB because incumbent starter QB Joey Harrington is point blank..."Trash". Leftwitch isn't necessarily gold but if, and that's a big if, he stays healthy he could possibly help this Falcons. The Cowboys look as if they really don't need too much help. They won their first two games and scored over 30-points in each. They added help on their defensive front line, but Tank won't be able to replace injured DT Jason Ferguson for another 6-weeks because of off the field problems.

O. J. Needs Help

Once again former NFL All-Pro O.J. Simpson is on newspaper headlines everywhere. This time the authorities aren't letting him get away with "murder". O.J. is being held on multiple charges by the Las Vegas Police Department; one is a felony kidnapping. O.J. is allegedly involved in an arm robbery of a group of men who he claims stole memorabilia that belong to him.

O.J. has really gone over the edge. Ever since being acquitted of murder charges he has been in the media non-stop for the craziest reasons. He sold his Heisman Trophy and he owes everybody money, probably even the late Johnny Cochran. And not to mention the book...If I Did It, O.J. here's a hint..WE KNOW U DID IT! Here is another case in point of a man that had everything and wash it down the toilet with one flush.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Haz's AFC Power Rankings

The Patriots and Colts are clearly the class of not just the AFC, but the entire NFL. Teams like the Chiefs and Jets need to turn it around next week if they want to repeat as playoff participants this coming post season.

AFC Power Rankings
1. Patriots 2-0
2. Colts 2-0
3. Steelers 2-0
4. Texans 2-0
5. Broncos 2-0
6. Titans 1-1
7. Chargers 1-1
8. Browns 1-1
9. Bengals 1-1
10.Ravens 1-1
11.Jaguars 1-1
12.Raiders 0-2
13.Dolphins 0-2
14.Bills 0-2
15.Jets 0-2
16.Chiefs 0-2

Haz's NFC Power Rankings

The Cowboys looked great offensively through the first 2 weeks of the season, while playoff teams from a year ago; the Giants, Eagles & Saints are possibly in season saving situations this upcoming Week.

NFC Power Rankings
1. Cowboys 2-0
2. Packers 2-0
3. Redskins 2-0
4. Lions 2-0
5. 49ers 2-0
6. Bears 1-1
7. Cardinals 1-1
8. Seahawks 1-1
9. Buccaneers 1-1
10. Panthers 1-1
11. Vikings 1-1
12. Giants 0-2
13. Eagles 0-2
14. Saints 0-2
15. Rams 0-2
16. Falcons 0-2

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Haz's NFL Fab 5 Week 3

1. New England Patriots(2-0): Clearly the best team in football right now. Destroying 2 playoff teams (Jets & Chargers) each by the score of 38-14.

2. Indianapolis Colts (2-0): This team has it on both sides of the ball.

3. Dallas Cowboys (2-0): Is now the team to beat in the NFC. Too many weapons on offense to contain.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0): Big Ben is looking like the Big Ben of old. The 3-4 defense is still dominant.

5. Green Bay Packers (2-0): After beating 2 playoff teams (Eagles & Giants) and containing both offenses to 13 points, it seems like there are no true weakness defensively for the Pack. Green Bay is my pick to win the NFC North.

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Haz Report: What A Wild, Wacky Week 2

Who's for real,and who's not? Maybe it's to early to tell, but it's fun to talk about. Many questions are up in the air after a much exciting Sunday for "NFL Nation". What tune is the Saints marching to? Will Tom Coughlin last through the whole regular season? Did the Browns score 51 points all of last season? Are the Bengals primed for another 8-8 season? Who can stop the Texans? Well what I noticed is that on any giving Sunday what you expect to happen won't.

Experts was ready to hand over the NFC Crown to the Saints before the season started and now their on paced to go 0-16. How about what is happening in the NFC North... What was in recent years a predominately weak division by NFL standards is now the most competitive division in football. And I'm telling America right now that the Packers or Lions will win that division. Sorry Bears fans, but Rex needs to show some heart on the road, not just at home. Finally lets give it up to the Cleveland Browns. I tore them apart as did all the other experts and they flat out shut all of us up this week. What a performance by Derek Andersen and Jamaal Lewis. Brady Quinn can now relax for at least 8 or 9 more weeks till the Browns are knocked out of playoff contention.

Week 2 was exciting, but lets face it, the NFL regular season is a marathon, not a sprint. It will be weeks before we will find out who's for real and who's not.

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Week 2 Ray vs Haz Results Going Into MNF

Going into the Redskins & Eagles battle on Monday Night Football, Ray & Haz will finish week 2 dead lock at 10-5. Both lost three games they agreed on...Bengals, Saints and Seahawks. Then these "so called experts "cancelled each other out with Ray accurately picking the Texans and Bears, while Haz picked the Lions and Patriots. Tonight's Monday Night Football contest between Philly and D.C will not break the tie for both picked the Eagles to outlast the Redskins at "The Linc" in South Philly. Stay tuned this week for Ray and Haz's picks for Week 3.

Mike's Monday Night Pick

The Eagles look to bounce back after a dismall peformance against Packers and the Redskins are still on a "High" after beating a terrible Dolphins squad. Look for Mcnabb and the Birds to put the ball in the air and strech the field. But I think the Redskins fly out of Philly with this one. The Redskins defense shuts down the Eagles flock of recievers. Skins 24-10

NBA Referee Reinstated

Veteran NBA official Joey Crawford was reinstated today after being suspended by the league on April 17th of this year. Crawford was suspended by NBA commissioner David Stern for improper conduct during the Spurs Vs. Mavericks game last season. Crawford gave Spurs all-star forward Tim Duncan two technical fouls, which led to his ejection out of the game. Now the second technical Duncan received was when he was on the bench; Duncan was laughing at the reaction a teammate made after one of Crawford's many bad calls. Crawford felt upstaged by Duncan and begun a verbal argument with him as he ejected Duncan. Crawford also gave Duncan his first Tech.

The NBA has had a few bumps in the road this off-season. The future face of the league (No. 1 overall pick Greg Oden) is out for the season with an injury, That hurts marketing and endorsements. The NBA official with a gambling problem (Ted Donaghy) and a Mob affiliate is threatening to "Blow the Whistle" on others in the league; somebody needs to send him a copy of a good Mobster movie..."Snitches get Stitches". Now they allow the quickest whistle on this side of the Mississippi to come back and reign more terror on players he don't like...Let's just hope the regular season is just as exciting...Drama means ratings.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Clash Of The Insiders: Ray vs Haz Week 2

Week 2 Clash Of The Insiders

Ray's Picks: Colts, Packers, 49ers, Seahawks, Texans, Jaguars, Vikings, Broncos, Ravens, Saints, Bengals, Steelers, Bears, Cowbooys, Chargers & Eagles

Haz's Picks: Colts, Packers, 49ers, Seahawks, Panthers, Jaguars, Lions, Broncos, Ravens, Saints, Bengals, Steelers, Cheifs, Cowboys, Patriots & Eagles

*Check out the Week 2 Previews from Ray & Haz for their indepth analysis of each game*

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Notre Dame QB Transfers

Notre Dame senior QB Demetrius Jones, who started the teams openers against Georgia Tech, will be wearing a different uniform next season...Can you blame him. It's reported that he will transfer to Northern Illinois and began taking classes their next semester. Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis is down playing the whole situation...probably because it's his fault why the kid is leaving. The way he has handle this QB situation is pathetic; you shouldn't have told these kids the job is open when you know who the media and the "BOOSTERS" want to start. Is Demetrius Jones better than true freshman Jimmy Clausen, maybe not. But he didn't get a fair shot to prove himself...One quarter of football against one of the best defensive teams in the ACC...that's not fair. Maybe if Jones' arm was as good as his speed and quickness he would have gotten more of a chance...doubt it. Coach Weis could have scripted an offense that plays in to Jones' style, but then we wouldn't be watching future All-American Jimmy Clausen this afternoon against Michigan...Would we.

Ray's Week 2 Preview

Houston vs Carolina
This Game has to go to the Houston Texans, in my opinion they are the up and coming team this year. They will try and make a playoff run with Matt Schaub and Mario Williams...pending Williams not having a Sophomore Slump. 24-17

Cincinnati vs Cleveland
This game has one question in it, and its not who is going to win, but more like what will Chad do next. HE has now inducted himself into the Hall of Fame in Week 1 but what will he do to top it. Reports say he Will jump into the "Dog Pound" if he scores Sunday. That might not be a good idea Chad. Cincinnati in a rout 38-10

Indianapolis vs Tennessee
Any game that you put Vince Young in to me is going to be a good game and will be close. I don't believe that the Colts will blow away the Titans but I think this one is decided late by a Vinatieri field goal. Colts 24-21

New Orleans vs Tampa Bay
This one should be an easy pick with the Saints having extra time to prepare for this game and given the fact that RB Cadillac Williams is questionable. Sean Payton leads his team into Tampa and walks out 1-1. Saints 27-13

San Francisco vs St Louis
This one is for the late Ms. Gore. I believe Frank Gore has a big game in memory of his mom...Hard work to raise 3 kids by herself...The 49ers show up and play good football this Sunday. 49ers 17-10

Buffalo vs Pittsburgh
I expect Big Ben and company to play a good game and Mike Tomlin to improve his record to 2-0. Pittsburgh 26-10

Green Bay vs New York Giants
Eli Manning is questionable and with that my pick is questionable. My pick is going as if Eli doesn't play which I don't think he will. I will take Favre and the Pack to beat Jared Lorenzen in his first NFL start. The Giants already have to many injuries to go along with Michael Strahan still not a 100%. Packers 13-10 Maybe a last second field goal again.

Atlanta vs Jacksonville
When will Atlanta pick up Byron Leftwich and be competitive in some games this year? I believe if they do that they could surprise some teams. If they don't soon we will hear with the #1 overall pick in this years NFL draft the Atlanta Falcons select...Jacksonville 28-14

Seattle vs Arizona
That was a cute commercial seeing the Manning brothers coming home and seeing Matt Leinart in their back yard with Archie. To me it seems like Leinart needs to focus a little more on football and a little less on everything else. If this is his professional sport become the star on the field then go back to your Hollywood background.Seattle wins 24-21

Dallas vs Miami
Dallas Defense looked like the same defense from a year ago giving up a whole lot of yards and having the offense pick them up. This game will not be a high scoring game like Dallas had last week against the Giants. A healthier and better Miami D will make this game really interesting. If Miami can get its running game together they might have a chance but I believe Dallas still pulls it out . Dallas 20-17

Minnesota vs Detroit
My Rookie of the Year pick is in and it is the Vikings Adrian Peterson. He had 163 total yards last week and expect a little more excitement from him this week. Kitna does have a lot of weapons to throw to but I am not to sure if Tatum Bell can handle a big load which might keep the Detroit D on the field a lot. Minnesota wins on the road 20-13

Oakland vs Denver
No matter who starts at QB for the Raiders the Broncos should win this one. Travis Henry looked exceptional on the ground for the Broncos. Jay Cutler also threw for 304 yards I think this one might be a blowout with the Denver Broncos winning 35-14

Kansas City vs Chicago
This one could be a boring game depending on whether or not Rex Grossman shows up. Don't expect either team to score more then 13 points...again If Grossman shows up they still might not score more than 13 points. I would take Kansas City but I think he plays well enough for the win. Chicago 13-10

New York Jets vs Baltimore
If Pennington is smart he wont play cause no matter who the QB is, expect a whole lot of blitzing. The Ravens will pin their ears back this week and blitz on at least 85 percent of there plays. If its Pennington, they know he's hurting so he will get pressured. If its Clemens they will blitz the new guy. Expect a big game from McGahee and the Ravens to win. Ravens 17-6

Sunday Night Football

San Diego vs New England
Where do I start...the Patriots need a strong game to quiet everyone and show that they don't need to steal plays to win games. Then on the other hand they beat the NFL's best rusher in the game LaDainian Tomlinson last year in the playoffs. This game might be the most hyped up game of the season in only the seasons second week.
Don't expect Tomlinson to struggle like he did last week, and you may even see the lights out dance come from more then Shawn Merriman. This one has me excited just thinking about it. I have to go with the San Diego Super Chargers. Chargers 31-27

Monday Night Match-up

Washington vs Philadelphia
This game is an NFC East showdown on Monday night. The Redskins have a good running game that will test the Eagles D, who stood really strong against the Packers last week. The Eagles on offense didn't wow anyone last week but it was also McNabbs first game back off of his knee injury. Expect McNabb to play better and the Special Teams to improve with the signing of KR Reno Mahe . Birds win 17-10

Written by Ray Weed with Mike and Company

Yankees Take A Game and Possibly Their Hearts

Last nights Yankees-Red Sox game added a little bit more to the rivalry. The Yankees looked down and out as if the Red Sox were going to go ahead and just roll right over them. Until a huge 8th inning rally allowed them to pull out the win and pull closer in the division; but more importantly they kept a 3 and a half game lead on the Tigers in the wildcard. I believe that today's game is the biggest game of the season for both teams who look ready to make a playoff run. Two 18 game winners facing off on the mound as Chien-Ming Wang faces Josh Beckett. Also the Red Sox need to stop the 5 game win streak the Yankees have reeled off against them. They need to show that they are the division leaders and are not going to let the losses bother them. If the Yankees come in and win the next two games of this series in Fenway, after sweeping them at Yankee Stadium, I believe that would give them all the momentum it needs to go into a possible playoff match up between the two rivals. The Yankees are one of the hottest teams, if not the hottest team in baseball and are poised to try and win yet another AL pennant and possible 27th world championship. If you think about it two months ago it seemed like Joe Torre was on the hot seat and could have been fired any day. Now if the Yankees win today I believe they become the favorite to win the world series. A loss and then you have to say Boston might just be taking it easy and putting it on cruise control until the playoffs. Tune in today at 3:55 pm on Fox and watch the game and during the games commercials watch the battle of the defeated as 0-2 Michigan plays 0-2 Notre Dame.

Ray Weed with Mike and Company

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tigers World

Maybe the best ever athlete in SPORTS is yet again in position to win another PGA event. Its hard to say if golf is a true athletic sport, but have you ever tried to hit a golf ball. I'd rather shoot half-court shots on a basketball court. Tiger is above and beyond the Michael Jordan of this millennium, he has endorsements, his own video game, and did I mention he has endorsements. Tiger should branch off and get his own shoe company like MJ did...Who wouldn't where a pair of Woods'...look if MJ can be a marketing genius why can't Tiger use his prestige in golf and make money. Yea that's right I forgot...Tiger has money;. Even with out the money outside golf, Tiger is flat out getting paid from just playing golf. He's currently in the lead at the PGA Tour Championships and WHEN he wins this tourney he will be the overall winner in the FedEx Cup Challenge. The winner of the challenge gets a $10 million purse that's spread out annually...In basketball Lebron James had to go through Tim Duncan and he failed...Peyton Manning finally beat Tom Brady to reach his first Super bowl, which he won...Tigers' arch nemisis...umm...ummm...Phil Mickelson?..."NAH".

College Football Preview

Before we get to NFL Sunday, there are a group of Collegiate athletes that might get your attention this weekend. Saturday is slated to be a pretty memorable football Saturday because of some marquee match-ups on tap. To some maybe the biggest match-up is Notre Dame @ Michigan because both teams are looking for their first win of the season. Let's not crown it game of the year just yet; we also have some serious conference openers like Tennessee @ Florida, Arkansas @ Alabama, and Boston College @ Georgia Tech.

The Gators are trying to repeat as Champions this year while the Vols want to revenge last seasons one-point loss to the Gators. Nick Saban takes his "current" team, Alabama, to battle against Darren McFadden and the Razorbacks. McFadden rushed for 112-yards and one touchdown as the Razorbacks defeated 'Bama by one point in an overtime thriller. This is the first meeting between Boston College and Georgia Tech since BC joined the ACC conference back in 2005. Georgia Tech doesn't have all world WR Calvin Johnson running on to the field Saturday but they do have Senior RB Tashard Choice who is averaging about a 150-yards rushing a game. Boston College lost head coach Tom O'Brien to NC State but kept his swagger, the Eagles are 2-0 and Senior QB Matt Ryan is showing his critics why he is a true NFL prospect.

Now the two must see games obviously are Notre Dame @ Michigan and USC @ Nebraska, four of the Best programs in college football. The Trojans invade Lincoln, Nebraska looking to do what they do best and win; Last season they beat Nebraska 28-10. The Trojans might have the most talented team position by position. They are lead by Senior QB John David Booty who might not be the best QB in the nation but he is consistent. Nebraska is led by Junior RB Marlon Lucky who was recruited by the Trojans head coach Pete Carroll. Lucky has had a great start to this season by averaging about 160-yards on the ground. College football's all time wins leader is actually having trouble...winning. The Michigan Wolverines are 0-2 and are jeopardy of losing again this weekend against the 0-2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Both teams will be starting True Freshman Quarterbacks Saturday; which has never happened before in this historical rivalry. 6 foot 6 inch QB Ryan Mallett will take the snaps for the Wolverines and Highly recruited QB Jimmy Clausen leads the Irish.

Whats better than watching football before Sunday football...


Here are this weeks the top 5 teams in the National Football League.

1. Colts 1-0
2. Patriots 1-0
3. Chargers 1-0
4. Steelers 1-0
5. Cowboys 1-0

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

NFC Power Rankings Week 2

After week 1, the team that had the best performance in the NFC was the Carolina Panthers winning on the road at St. Louis, while the most disappointing performance belongs to the "Vickless" Atlanta Falcons. It is safe to say that the "Dirty Birds" will hold down the 16th and final ranking in the NFC all season long.

1. Cowboys 1-0
2. Seahawks 1-0
3. Panthers 1-0
4. Packers 1-0
5. Lions 1-0
6. 49ers 1-0
7. Redskins 1-0
8. Vikings 1-0
9. Giants 0-1
10. Bears 0-1
11. Saints 0-1
12. Eagles 0-1
13. Rams 0-1
14. Cardinals 0-1
15. Buccaneers 0-1
16. Falcons 0-1

*The power rankings are based on strengh of schedule, quality of opponent, last years results, statistics & performance in the last game played.*

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

NFC Weekly Awards

Here is my NFC Awards for Week 1...

Offensive Player of the Week: Tony Romo, QB Cowboys (128.5 Rating, 15-24 for 345 Yards Pasing & 4TDS)

Deffensive Player of the Week: Julian Peterson, LB Seahawks (2 Sacks,7 solo Tackles)

Special Teams Player of the Week: Mason Crosby, K Packers (3 Field Goals)

Impact Rookie of the Week: Adrian Peterson, HB Vikings (163 total yards, 1TD)

Hassan Bey
NFL Insider

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Say it Ain't So...

The next Bill Russell and Blazers saviour Greg Oden is playing an unfamiliar position this season...bench warmer. The Portland Trail Blazers 1st round draft pick and the number one overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft is out for the season with a microfacture the size of a thumb nail in his knee. He went to see the teams physician for an exploratory procedure and ended up having microfracture surgery. This type of injury has hampered the NBA over the last two decades. Notable players like the Suns big man Amare Stoudamire and Nets floor general Jason Kidd have both had this surgery but bounced back. Former players Allan Houston and Jamal Mashburn had their careers cut short because of multiple microfracture surgeries. Oden is only 19-years-old and might heel faster than most players who have had this injury; He has yet to take a real beating on his body like a 82-game season and traveling from state to state will give you...Well we all know how the Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan pick turned out, lets just hope without Oden in the middle Kevin Durant will at least sign a poster for the Blazers of him soaring throw the air or dropping "Fiddy" on them...And with the first pick...the Blazers pick...well lets just say don't make the same mistake two years in a row.

Pats' Get Slap

Cheating is cheating...this was the phrase used by most around the NFL this week. It seems that same feeling was felt by the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who penalized Bill Belichick $500,000 and the team $250,000. The patriots will also loose a first round draft pick if the team makes the playoffs and will loose a second or third round pick if they miss the playoffs. The buzz around the league is the penalties overall don't match the crime committed. If the patriots somehow go 4-12 they get to keep their early first round pick but if they win the Super Bowl they miss out on that all "important" 32nd overall pick. Do we have to go back to last seasons rarely used 1st round pick WR Chad Jackson. The Patriots rely on veteran free agents and wise trade moves to improve their team. Why not limit salary cap space for next season or maybe actually have them forfeit the game they "cheated" in. Coach Belichick is do to make $4.2 Million this season, so $500,000 puts a big "dent" in his wallet. Why not give him the same punishment you give a player who takes performance enhancing drugs...4-game suspension. The Patriots probably could survive and win with out their skipper on the sidelines but why not set an example to the league and show cheating will not be condoned.

Baseball Playoff Race Heats Up

With football season kicking off in full force baseball is taking a back seat to the NFL. Only for a couple of weeks though as playoff baseball nears. Most of the division leaders are well ahead of the rest of their division rivals. The Red Sox, Indians, and Angels are almost shoe-ins for the playoffs. The Yankees are starting to pull away from the rest of the crowd in the AL wild card race. A four game lead for them is almost a definite, with the baseball they have been playing as of late. The Mets and Diamondbacks are pretty much assured themselves also of a spot. The NL Central is still open for the taking between the Brewers and Cubs but only one will make the playoffs. With other NL teams being at least four and a half games out of the wild card chase it's a good chance one of those teams will be eliminated. The NL wild card race is not looking so well as it looks like the playoff team out of this league may come as a default. In the last ten games it seems as if no one wants to step up and show they are in it to win it with the top four wild card contenders a combined two games above 500. Hopefully "America's pastime" will pick up as the chase really nears and some of us baseball fans will be able to enjoy the hunt for October.

Ray Weed reporting for Mike and Company

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Haz's Week 2 Preview

Here's my view on what to expect this weekend...
49ers @ Rams: Look for the 49ers to establish the running game behind Frank Gore and to control the clock keeping the Rams offense on the sidelines. I like 49ers to win 20-14.
Colts @ Titans: Last year these division rivals played each game down to the wire. They split the two games with each team winning on their respective home fields. Vince Young will keep the Titans close, but a healthy Bob Sanders anchors a very improved and stingy defense, that help the Colts last year win the Super Bowl. In all it will be to tough of a task for the Titans to beat the world champs. Colts win 27-13.
Bengals @ Browns: Bengals in a blowout. Anytime you trade your starting Quarterback after Week 1, you know your team is doomed and is probably all ready on the clock for next years draft. Bengals win in a "laugher", 38-3.
Saints @ Buccaneers: No running game, no chance for the Bucs. Look for big games by Drew Brees & Reggie Bush. Saints win 24-6.
Packers @ Giants: With Eli out, look for a low scoring affair. The Giants will rally behind the "Hefty Lefty", but look for Green Bay to pull out a nail biter on the road. Packers win 13-10.
Texans @ Panthers: Impressive showing by Matt Schaub and the Texans whipping up on the Chiefs in Week 1, but the Panthers are fresh off an outstanding performance in St. Louis. Look for Jake Delhomme to do well in his second straight week as the Panthers win a good one. Panthers win 24-13.
Falcons @ Jaguars: Atlanta fans...thank Mike Vick for possibly earning the top pick in the draft. Look for the Jags to shut Atlanta completely out of the end-zone. Jaguars win in a sleeper, 23-0.
Bills @ Steelers: All of America's hearts and prayers go out to Kevin Everett and his family, but the Buffalo Bills will need a little bit more than that if they want to beat a confident Pittsburgh Steelers team with a rejuvenated Big Ben at the helm. The Bills will play inspired, but look for the Steelers to come out on top. Steelers win 20-14.
Cowboys @ Dolphins: "America's Team will not put up 45 points on the tough Miami "D", but they provide just enough firepower to outlast the Dolphins. Miami will hang around, but their lack of offense will hurt them. Cowboys win 20-10.
Seahawks @ Cardinals: With Arizona needing this win to keep up in the division look for them to have a good performance, but these are the Cardinals and history tells us that no matter what happens, they will find a way to lose. Seahawks win 24-17.
Vikings @ Lions: The NFC North lead is up for grabs as the 1-0 Vikings travel to Detroit to face the 1-0 Lions. With Lions being at home and providing more firepower on offense look for them to come out victorious in this one. Lions win 27-21.
Raiders @ Broncos: This is a big time rivalry in the AFC West, but Denver has more depth and stability on both sides of the ball. Look for Culpepper to start in place of McCown, who is nursing a hand injury suffered on the Raiders last offensive play last Sunday. Broncos win 28-13.
Jets @ Ravens: Without Pennington's experience at the helm for the Jets, the Ravens aggressive 3-4 defense will be licking their chops. Ravens win easily, 24-3.

Hassan Bey Reporting for Mike and Company


Chiefs @ Bears: I'm sorry Bears fans, but you give away the one player (Thomas Jones) that gives your team stability on offense to the New York Jets and his replacement (Cedric Benson) puts the ball on the ground more then most running backs and gets benched for it, so now you have no running game. And did you forget who your starting quarterback is, I'm praying for all of the Bears fans I really am. Look for the Chiefs to give the bears a good dose of Larry Johnson..30 carries and a 100 plus yards...with the Chiefs winning on the road in upset fashion..kinda like how the Texans did to them last Sunday. Chiefs win 17-7.

Hassan Bey Reporting for Mike and Company

Sunday Special

Chargers @ Patriots: Fresh off the "Video Gate", the Patriots host the San Diego Chargers in a rematch of last years Divisional Playoff Game. A game in which the Chargers had in the bag after a fourth down interception of Tom Brady, but on the return, the Chargers gave the ball right back to Brady and company with a fumble leading to the eventual demise and firing of Marty Shottenheimer. Let's not forget L.T. going after Patriots players after the game for imitating the "Lights Out" dance performed by teammate and last years sack leader Shawn Merriman. Another note...I bet you Bill Belichek has not forgotten about the thumping they took last season when San Diego Came in to Foxboro and blew the Patriots off the field ending their record home winning streak. Lots of bad blood between these teams and both have their eyes on Super Bowl glory. Having home field will be the difference, not signal stealing, as the cheaters...I mean the in this Sunday Night affair. Patriots win 23-20.

Hassan Bey Reporting for Mike and Company

Monday Night Special

****Monday Night Football****
Redskins @ Eagles: The Redskins are on top of the NFC East along with the Dallas Cowboys, but look for that to end on Monday Night. The Philadelphia Eagles, who have won the division crown 5 out of the last 6 seasons have flat out dominated each team in that division. The Eagles rank 3rd in the NFL behind the Patriots (23-7) & Steelers (23-7) with 21 wins to 9 losses in division play since 2002 when the divisions were realigned. Last week's special teams disaster will not repeat itself as the Eagles signed Reno Mahe back after letting him go during the off-season. He does not have explosive speed but is very sure handed. In general, look for the Eagles to attack the Redskins down field on Shawn Taylor's side of the field. He tends to bite on pump fakes and play action plays due to his aggressive style of play. Eagles win this one 31-17

Hassan Bey Reporting for Mike and Company

A Miracle in Buffalo

Something is to be said when a man is in surgery for hours for spine and neck injuries and doctors one day say he might not walk again or even live for that matter. Then two days later the doctors are optimistic that same man will walk again one day. That's what's happening right now in the life of Buffalo Bills TE Kevin Everett. He suffered a bad spinal-cord injury during this past Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos that left him motionless on the turf for minutes. The sight and sounds of Everett's injury taking place couldn't measure up to the fear felt by the team and the many people close to him. The team huddled up on the field and took a knee and had a moment of silence and said a spirited prayer for their teammate. It could be said that this spiritual display of affection was contagious to many around the world because Kevin Everett is doing better than expected and is moving slightly but voluntarily. This is truly one nation under God and prayers were definitely answered...

MLB is not hiding...Just not seen

With the smell of freshly cut grass and the cheering of thousands of fans only means one thing...Football is back and baseball has fell into obscurity. Die hard baseball fans will follow their respective teams for about six months then zone them out till October. Major League Baseball is smart, if you thin about it. Baseball knows the summer is theirs for the taking because all of the other major sports our in their respective off-seasons. If you are a sports junky you have no choice but to watch it. Now they get a their core group of fans back in a real good strategic way. Division winners make the playoffs and only one team from the American league and only one team form the National League make the playoffs as a Wild Card. Which makes for some good competitive baseball in late September and early October. Around this time the NFL are on the weaker part of their schedules and College Football is at a stalemate. So with the buzz down in football, baseball turns it up and gives the sports heads out there something to watch. The hunt for Mr. October is on and it's a good chance his name isn't A-Rod...

Patriot Games

Who would have thought the team picked by most sports analysis to reach the Super Bowl would actually get there...By Cheating...The Patriots were caught red handed this past Sunday, when an employee of the Pats was caught on the sideline video taping the New york Jets signal callers. An unfair advantage is what its called but if memory serves correctly the Patriots had a pretty good off-season. They not only signed Pro bowler Adalius Thomas from the Baltimore Ravens but also added three key weapons to their offense...wide receivers Randy Moss, Dante' Stallworth, and utility man Wes Welker...that's an unfair advantage. No, not for the Pats; they continued shopping this off-season and bumped up the teams budget, for things like film, camcorders, and lets not forget the random employee on the payroll.It just goes to show that a team that has all the parts for success will still do anything to win. The competitive nature of the NFL even leads one of the best coaches in the league to make a bad call on the sidelines.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Haz Report...Week 1

Week 1 is finally over. From start to finish, "America's Game" gave you everything you have came to love about this league; big hits, record breaking performances & late-game winning drives, just to name a few. Teams like the Colts, Patriots & Chargers proved that they belong amongst the elite in the game, while the Saints, Bears & Eagles have to regroup & prove that each team's performance was just a case of lack of reps during the preseason. The Dallas Cowboys put up 45 points on the now Eli-less Giants, but the gave up 35 points defensively. So much for that great 3-4 attacking defense. The Bengals won the battle with their division foe the Baltimore Ravens by forcing 6 turnovers. You would think a performance like that would come from the Ravens aggressive "D" & lets not forget the Bengals won by 7 points, Where's that high powered offense Mr. Palmer. In all it was a great weekend. Some teams surprised us (Packers, Vikings, Lions) others just plain out did not come to play (Falcons, Chiefs, Jets). Til next time....
Sports Contributor: Hassan Bey

NFL Injury Update

Week one was full of injuries...Cowboys NT Jason Ferguson (Torn Bicep) out for season CB Terrance Newman (Foot) Questionable...Giants QB Eli Manning (Shoulder) 3-6 weeks, RB Brandon Jacobs (Sprained MCL) Questionable...Bills Jason Webster (broken forearm) Out Indefinitely...Bears FS Mike Brown (ACL) out for season...Packers CB Al Harris (Hyper extended elbow) Questionable...Texans FS Jason Simmons (Torn Patella Tendon) out for season...Chiefs CB Patrick Surtain (Shoulder) Questionable...Dolphins LB Jerry Porter (Knee) Probable...Vikings RB Chester Taylor (Oblique) questionable...Jets QB Chad Pennington (Ankle) 2-3 Weeks...Eagles CB Lito Sheppard (Knee) Questionable, DE Javon Kearse (Shoulder) probable...Seahawks WR D.J. Hackett (ankle) out indefinitely...Rams LT Orlando Pace (Shoulder) out for season...Redskins LT Jon Jansen (dislocated ankle) out for season..

NFL News and Notes

The Oakland Raiders finally inked a 6-year deal Monday morning with their first round draft pick Quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Deal is reported to be worth up to $68 Million with $31 Million Guaranteed...Browns make Charlie Frye a permanent back-up by trading the inconsistent Quarterback to the Seattle Seahawks for a sixth-round pick. Only question now for the Browns is when does Brady Quinn start?...Seahawks continued to make moves Tuesday and traded 7-year veteran Defensive End Bryce Fisher to the Tennessee Titans for an undisclosed draft pick...Washington Redskins add depth at wide receiver by signing free agent Reche Caldwell...Will Demps signs a one-year contract with the Houston Texans. Texans loss both starting strong safeties for the season due to injuries...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Night is the new Monday Night Football

The best division in the NFC hands down is the NFC east. Last night the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys put on a show for all ages. Known for defensive battles in the past, last night a total of 80 points was scored between the two teams. Both QB's had much to prove...Eli is playing for respect, with big brother winning a Superbowl, it turns that monkey on Eli's back into King Kong...Romo is playing for a long term contract and flat out wants to win...906 total yards between the two teams, both QB's throw for 4 TD's and over 300 yards...Giants WR Plaxico Burress upstages T.O. with 3TD catches to T.O.'s two...but in the end it was just too much of that Dallas D led by Demarcus Ware and a two headed running game with Julius Jones and Marion Barber, who combined for 130 yards rushing and a touchdown ...45-35, Cowboys...

Week 1 continued

Colts showed us what we already know..they can score...Saints looked like the Archie Manning Saints by not evening scoring an offensive TD...41-10 Colts...Broncos squeak out a one point win over the Bills with a game winning Field goal...QB Jay Cutler Threw for a career high 304 passing yards...J.P. Losman matched him with an abysmal 97 passing yards...Vince Young picks up where he left off by scoring the game winning touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars...Titans get 282 yards on the ground...New QB Garrard throws for 204 yards and one touchdown...
Skins barely get by Dolphins and their new and improved defense, 16-13...Panthers upstage Rams, 27-13...Patriots and Randy Moss make a statement against Jets, 38-14...Pennington out in 3rd qt with ankle injury...Vickless Falcons couldn't survive Adrian Peterson and the Vikes, 24-3...Browns play ring-a-round the QB and gets blown out by steelers, 34-7...Lack of offense and special teams is the reason behind the Packers outlasting the Eagles,16-13...Matt Schaub has a decent pro debut against Herm Edwards and the Chiefs,20-3...
Jeff Garcia goes down Early as they lose to the Seahawks,20-6...L.T. throws for one TD and runs for the other as the chargers contain Rex and the Bears,14-3...Raiders look good early then went back to form as the Lions jumped on them,36-21...

Week 1 in the NFL

We have waited six long and boring months for big hits and touchdown celebrations. Granted the college game has tremendous pageantry and we all know these kids play for the love of the game...but its something about overpaid grown men crying about practice and the amount of preseason games they play that we just love...If you haven't guest yet...The NFL is back and boy what weekend it was.